Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First day alone

I wanted to document the first day that we had to together with our camera, but this morning, I think that we left the camera charger at the hospital. Crap! Would it be worth it to call them and see if they have it? I really don't feel like buying another charger. How much are those things anyways?

The little guy had a good morning. He woke up around 9:30 , had a good 35 minute feeding, and we hung out for about 45 minutes reading books. I read Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and it was around the point when the tomato tornado rolled into town that Jack was feeling the sleep. So I told him let's sleep and even though I know that he can't see what I was doing, I felt that he saw me close my eyes, even though I am just a dark blob to him. Five minutes later, he did the same thing.

My mom said that boys tend to eat more than girls since they grow quicker and are stronger than girls. Now hearing this is really throwing me off for my planned "Sleep every three hours, wake up and eat for 30 minutes. He threw me for this loop when I fed him at 2:30 and was hungry again at 4 pm. Uh oh mom's words are ringing true.

Let me thank all the people so far for bringing us food. I can't remember two things
1. What the heck did Brian and I exactly do before Jack was born.
2. When was the last time we cooked.

The bringing of food has been fantastic and we don't want to see the day when that ends.

Brian went back to his first official day of work today. I was a bit sad when he left and said a quiet "Shit I hope I do this well today." But when Jack woke up, I jumped into Supermom. Even with giving Jack his first bath, I became amazed at myself for becoming such a mom so quickly. I feel like I have been doing this for so long and it's only been a week.

Work keeps emailing me with work related questions. This has been going on since I left for bed rest. Hmmmm, I thought that I left work for awhile. Proves to show that they need me. Badly!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

You're going to the doctor's - Wait you're having a baby!!!

January 22, 2008

The last minutes before you realize that you are about to go into labor is quite dreamlike. I was in the doc's office for the usual appointment that day. Usual, high blood pressure, protein in urine. Hearing all of this over and over again made me think like mad that what is it that I could possibly be doing wrong that this problem keeps coming back. Keeping me at the office seemed now old news so the good doc shipped me over to the hospital for "more tests". What more could they test me on to make sure all is all right?

The tests were the usual that they do at the doc's office. Monitoring high blood pressure, keeping track of baby's movements, etc. The only difference is that I had now a TV in my room. Brian went home to get some things in case today was the day.

3:00 -Doc comes in and says" Uh maybe you will go in today but we still have to see.

3:15 - Doc comes back in. "Alright we're going in! "

Wait! my husband!!

That's alright. We'll wait for him.

3:30 - Brian comes in right at the time that Jepeordy is on.

3:50 - They tell us that we have to go into the OR now right around the time of Final Jepeordy. I wanted to know what the question was.

I could go into a whole other story of how the spinal was horrible, how they explained the spinal as three angel hair noodles going in but it actually felt like three rigatonis. How the anesthesia felt like angry needles all over my body and there was nothing that I could do about it. But ,I won't.

Everything was such a blur that I remember my son(feels so strange to say that) was crying for about 20 minutes straight while the nurses cleaned him. Finally, a nurse brought him to me and my first thought was " Who is this? Is this my baby?" All I could do was kiss him on the cheek and realize how beautiful he looked. It may be the mom in all of us, but I think that he looked perfect and did not look like the typical newborn look. He looked well groomed. And already had that wonderful baby smell.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fried Pork,Re-fillit and Spanish Soap Operas

My mom came over today and she helped me make this typical Ecuadorian dish called fritada. Basically it is fried pork with potatotes and plantains. I was happy when she brought all the ingrediants over but was sad to see that she did not bring the plantains. Hey!! I thought. But at least she is here and helping me make dinner. She made me this simple lunch which she took spaghetti, mixed it with tomato, onion and egg and made some sort of omelet out of it. If I made this myself, it would have come out as a big pasta mess, but somehow mom's make every meal really good. She is currently lounging on my couch watching Spanish novelas. I have no idea on what the actors are screaming at each other for, but I am sure that someone slept with someone's else's sister or mom. And she likes this. I was watching yet another marathon of America's Next Top Model before she took over and started watching her shows. I guess we all have our own crappy shows that we watch.

My only outing today was to go to CVS and get some tooth filling for my teeth. My filling has come out and since I am close to delivery, a trip to the dentist does not sound like a good idea right now. Plus, this filling tastes like cherry, so there is a constant cherry taste on my tongue that sounds weird but I like it.

Baby news - no contractions, movement yes but enough to go into labor?No. This is sounding like the easiest pregnancy ever. No morning sickness in the first trimester, happy second trimester, and the only bad thing that I had to endure for the third trimester is this whole high blood pressure thing. I must be thankful to the powers that be when the baby comes out.

Tomorrow - another doctor visit -and possibly an entry into the maternity ward.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moms galore!!!

I realized that this title is not really true since I am not a mom yet...still the same pregnant chick.

The moms came over yesterday. It was mom day in overdrive!! My mom came over for lunch and she came with the usual safe lunch that my family likes to indulge in sometimes. Boston Market. Although to us it is still Boston Chicken since all we order is the chicken and not the other delectables that the Market likes to offer. It was fine and we ended up watching "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC. My mom of course fell asleep as she ususally does when she is in front of the TV for five minutes.
Spike's mom came along around 4:30 and she came with a bagful of goodies. She called the night before and asked what we needed. I quickly said that we needed cookie dough. Which who ever needs cookie dough. It is never a necessity but I always feel that I need to munch on some every now and then. And for all you moms out there, I can hear the shock coming out of your mouths since pregnant women cannot eat cookie dough. But at 39 weeks , I feel that I can munch on a little. Spaghetti and salad was provided from Spike's mom. My parents joined for dinner as well. I thought well, this bedrest may not be so bad if everyone is coming over and willing to make you dinner. My mom has said that perhaps Monday she will come over and help me make a Ecuadorian delicacy. Let's just say fried pork and potatoes and are the main ingrediants in this dish. I am beginning to really like the maternity leave.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Doc's visit

As soon as we got there, the nurses told me that they were going to hook me up to the NST monitor. Basically, it is a device that monitors the baby's heartbeat while it also monitors my contractions ( or in my case , the lack of). My pregnancy has been fairly easy, and the only curveball has been this high blood pressure thing for the past month. But I have not had any major contractions whatsoever. I think of the episode of Friends( I'm sorry that I have to reference that show) but when Rachel is in labor, she is in a room with some other chick and while Rachel's contractions are very strong, she hatefully looks at her roommate as her contractions are just oh i just had one, That wasn't bad. I would be that roommate.

Back to the visit, the first thing that we do is the ultrasound.Big bonus for us that our doctor has confirmed that it is in fact a boy. This has relieved my fears as I have been dreaming for a couple of days now that we actually have a girl and not a boy. Hearing the words" I see a scrotum" from our doctor makes me high five Spike.

All is well and the baby is nesting comfortably in my womb in a c-moon shape. Head up facing my left with his little body and butt resting on my right. Good news is that the blood pressure went down. Bad news is that we are scheduled to still deliver next week. I am about ready to do it now and would not even mind if the ever feared situation of the water breaking broke. I wonder what kind of foods could I eat that would break the water. Ahh yes....... bedrest.

Until tomorrow.....

Day one of bed rest

The reason that I am on bedrest is that I developed high blood pressure during this last month of pregnancy. And it could be a number of things why- but mostly I think I know because when you are so close to having a baby and you have been carrying a heavy load for 9 months now, you gotta be saying "TODAY MUST BE THE DAY TO HAVE A BABY!!! I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!" I believe that is why I am in the condition that I am right now. I asked the good doc what exactly bedrest means. It means exactly that.

Staying in bed, or on the couch, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no going out. NO GOING OUT? After I heard his explanation, I said" That sucks."

And sucked it did. I so wanted to go out and at least walk around the block, but my swollen feet was not going to let me , nor were the words of the good doc. It was such a great and sunny day and I couldn't enjoy any word of it. I realized that after one day , TV sucks, there is nothing to watch, and for some strange reason the Oxygen channel likes to show 4 hours straight of "A Different World". I didn't know there was such a demand to watch that show for that long. My beloved husband did give me the complete series of I love Lucy. I am saving that for when the little one is born.

I did watch Barbershop 2. That was fun to watch. Books will come in handy, and listening to Howard Stern online. Unless Spike takes away the laptop when he goes on assignment. Then I am screwed.
Day 2 of bed rest......Doc's visit, and then back to home. More to come.