Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Missed Milestones

Here is how we found out that Jack was walking. This was back on April 27, 2009. We went to pick him up from my parent's house and my mom asked me  "Why didn't you tell us that Jack started walking?" My response was "Because we didn't know."
I know that being a working parent I would miss the milestones of my kids. Jack walking, Charlie's first laugh.
I was going home on Monday and I bumped into the boys' daycare sitter. She waved at me excitedly and from far away, I didn't recognize her. Who do I know in this neighborhood? Nobody, except my family. As she got closer, she said " Oh my god, HI!!!! " I then recognized her.
Then she said, how about that little tooth huh?
Tooth? Jack??? Jack has his teeth. Did one fall out already? No, he's too young. She must be talking about.....
Charlie has a tooth? And I wasn't the one to spot it first, it was his babysitter. I played along however and went , oh yeah, it's amazing. Like I knew all along that my little baby was about to grow into a man.
She then went on and said how happy Jack was to see it and they kept talking about it. So now she saw Charlie's tooth first and she shared the joy first with my firstborn. Without me.
I work because we need money right? If we ever won the lottery, yes I would quit my job, but I would still send the boys to daycare because I would be busy trying to set up my non for profit art center.
So I know that working will make me miss the milestones, and it is something that I don't like, but what can I do? After I talked to the sitter, I walked home and was feeling low. But quickly brought myself back up and said " Hold up! That is enough with the  whoa -is - me charade."
I quickly went home and wondered now what new adventures Charlie's teeth will bring us. And how much pain I will be in with his new found fangs while I nurse him.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The New Song

Jack's new movie of the moment is Shrek. For anyone knows this movie really well, there is a karoke scene with all the characters at the end of the movie.

Princess Fiona sings "Like a Virgin." Since Jack has seen this movie for the umpteenth time, Brian and I caught him singing some of the Shrek songs at breakfast the other day.

One of the songs was Like a Virgin.
He sang clearly " I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it throughooooooo."
Imagine those lyrics being sung by a 4 year old boy.

The Firsts

May 8
First time Charlie rolled over. On Jack's bed, in the midst of getting everyone ready for bedtime.  He just went for it... and has been rolling over non stop.

May 13
Mother's Day. We were doing our annual plant the garden and make it tidy for the summer at my mother in laws. She kept announcing " Who wants to see a wormie??!!" Not I. Although Jack readily went over to her and picked it up like it was no big deal. I am proud that my son had no fear of something as disgusting as a worm, and I fear of the day when he says "You hold it Mama." What then? Run away and scream? I can't do that. I'm Supermom. Supermom has no fear. Somewhat.

First week of May
Charlie started eating cereal. It was like he was born to eat. As soon as I cautiously led the spoon to his mouth, he just grabbed the spoon from my hand and PLOP! into his mouth. Like he knew all along what to do and that he was waiting for that moment for months. Since then, we have given him carrots, apples, bananas. We will try to avoid buying the baby food as much as we can and just make it ourselves. But I have a secret love for Gerber Peaches. That sweet slop is so good. I was hoping that we could buy some for Charlie and whatever is left over, I could have finished.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The High Chair

This is what happens when Charlie is set at the high chair. He gets upset because maybe A. no one is holding him and B. he is sooo extremely hungry that he cannot wait til we mix the cereal with the milk. As you can see in the second picture, all is right in the world since I am feeding him.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Gender Issue

Last night I was watching the finale of RuPaul's Drag race. At first, I watched the show just for their witty comments and to marvel at the fact that most of those men looked a heck of a lot better than I do in heels and a dress. The more I watched that show, the more I became enamored with their stories of why they are drag queens. They felt like outsiders as kids, were bullied, they were never accepted by their families. It was lovely to watch as the moms of the "queens" were in the audience, supporting their sons 100% and appreciating them for who they are.
I am not the kind of parent that forces a type of toy or sport unto my sons just because they are boys. Jack fell in love with trains on his own. That was not our doing whatsoever. You can even call it genetics, since Brian is a huge train lover himself. However, I have heard people label Jack's train love as so just because he's a boy.
What if he liked dolls? What if he liked pink? But still liked trains? Is he only supposed to like blue, play in the dirt, and be wild and crazy because he's a boy?  By the way, he does have wild and crazy moments, not because he is a boy, but because he is a kid.

Why is it acceptable and cute to think that a girl can be a tomboy and like sports, yet if a boy were to be a dancer instead of a baseball player, it would be seen as weird. Being a dancer can give you the same atheletic benefits that a baseball player can give you, in a different way of course. Rahm Emanuel was a ballet dancer, now he's the Mayor of Chicago. Take that!
Every kid is different, and just because I have a boy, doesn't mean that he will only play baseball, or football or soccer. He is also allowed to be artistic, to dance, to imagine. Same goes with Charlie. We are not going to try to push any specific toy to him. Let him choose on what makes him happy. Will he be a Fisher Price Little People kid? Trains? Horses? Dolls?
 Do what makes you happy Jack and Charlie. YOur papa and I are right behind you,  1,000,000 %.