Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sniffles, the Sound of Music and sing alongs

Jack had and has gotten over his first cold. I had to take off on Friday to be with him cause when a four month old has a cold, what the heck do you do? Tylenol? Tea? Wrap him til he sweats out his cold? Thankfully he did not have an ear infection , just a tiny cold. It did look cute when his little nose was all crusty with little boogers, then not so cute as he rubbed his face on my shirt and all the snot was smeared on there. I'm sorry Jack, it is cute.

I am so anxious that he has not had a good laugh yet. I tickle him and his laughs still sounds like grunts. However, he is imitating sounds that we make and the words that we say to him. He says "Hoo Hoo" a lot and really likes to have a conversation with you when you change his diaper.

I have been singing the song "the Sound of Music" to Jack. Just cause it is a nice song.I'd like to say that he likes the song cause everytime I sing to him, his little face gets really serious and he sings the part that the Von Trapp children would sing. Brian on the other hand puts on a weird face when I sing that song to Jack. What, the Sound of Music is not cool??? Well I am definitely not going to sing ACDC to my son.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Four months

And we still can't believe that we have this little person with us. Not everyone has met him still. How can that be? Look at that face!!Cheeks are getting bigger. Teeth are growing in. Baby Orajel has come into our lives. And watch him drool!!!! Waking up sometimes around 2 am, but for the most part is still a great sleeper. Sits up, talks a lot. When he complains , he sounds like a car that is trying to start. Augh, augh, augh augh. A slight giggle here and there. Finally likes the baby bjorn!!!! Holds toys now but hasn't quite got the concept of toys right in the mouth. One time I think that he whacked a toy so hard in his face that he might have given himself a black eye. But I think that was just me imagining things. He is so close to rolling over. Just. a. little more...Wakes up at 6 am and has started to watch his first TV program, Mister Rogers. I think Jack likes the way Mister Rogers speaks. Plus Jack also likes when Mommy sings the end credits of Mister Rogers

"It's such a good. feeling. to know you are alive."

Friday, May 16, 2008


In an event that even the greatest baby doctors would be mystified,Jack is teething.He is one week shy of becoming four months, and he is now going through the pains of teeth pushing its way through. I thought that we were going to have at least three months of cute Jack before the teething process would begin. It is not fun. He cries in that hurtful I am in pain cry that brings tears to my eyes. He wakes up at odd hours. He hasn't mastered holding things and placing it in his mouth so teething rings are a hassle. That and the fact that he doesn't like a cold teething ring. We bought our first baby Orajel. Which came in a pack of day and nighttime Orajel. What's the difference?

I never thought that I would be holding my baby and at the same time watch a New Kids on the Block reunion. Back when I was 14 and the Kids split up, I thought that it was the end of the golden era , never to be seen again. It's nice to know that New Kids reunited just so my son can expierience watching his mom dance to "The Right stuff." Hey while we are at it, let's reunite the Cover Girls. If you don't know who they are, wikipedia them. Then laugh that I even mentioned the Cover Girls.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting bigger every day

This was taken on one of those rare Dad -Jack days that they have on Wednesdays.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Did we pass the test?

Everytime friends want to come for dinner/ meet Jack , I hope that we pass the test that we appear as these amazing parents to our friends. I want our friends to walk away and say "Wow Brian and Andrea were meant to be parents all along. I cannot remember when they weren't."
Brian's friends Jackie and Chris came by on Saturday and brought us dinner. YES!!! Someone brought us dinner again!!!
They met Jack for the first time and he was his usual self. Hungry, a bit whiny and by the end he was the super smiley baby that I hope everyone can see at least one time in their life. It was kind of cute to see Jack look up at Jackie and bounce like mad in his bouncy chair whenever she talked or looked at him. For a while there, I thought his seat was going to snap. That's how crazy he was going. Then she thought he was so cute, that she took him out of the chair to hold him, only for him to protest and she placed him back in the chair. Then he was happy again.
That is the allure of Jack. He is so irresistable that you just have to hold him.

Thanks to Jackie and Chris for the casserole and wine.Yum. Come back anytime and our oven will be waiting for you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleep changes and still no laughs

The one thing that I was starting to rely on Jack for was his bedtime. Always around the 7 oclock hour and he would be out for the night. He is now going into this "phase" that he has been going to sleep a little bit later. 8. 8:30? That is way too late. Plus he gets so cranky when he wants to go to sleep. I tell him in my best mommy voice that it is ok to go to sleep cause it will feel nice. He looks at me like I am crazy.

Just as suspected and just as the baby books have said, my milk is starting to run out. I cried a bit in the morning when I pumped and in total only got 3 oz. How can I feed my child? I wondered. I feel like he is going to go hungry forever. That and the fact that the formula is now his mommy milk makes me sadder even more. If the milk gods are listening, let me have more milk. At least until he starts to eat solids. Perhaps this can be a good thing cause Jack can grow into one of those kids that starts tugging at their moms shirt for milk. And they are three years old.I don't know if I can do that to him.

Jack is talking a lot now. A lot of gurgling which is the cutest thing that I have ever heard. When we try to make him laugh, we get this grrrrrrrssssh sound from him. Still not yet a laugh but we are getting there. We feel that once we get an official laugh from him, then we have accomplished officially as parents who are raising a happy child.