Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 5 of the cast

Never mind. Jack woke up at his usual 5 am and cried. Does sleep training really work? My mind goes back to the time when the Happiest baby on the block would always suggest to swaddle your baby and instantly he will go to sleep. Not Jack. He was always the independant. I wonder if at 13 months , you can still swaddle your kid. This is what I was thinking at 5:20 am and Brian slept. Pfft. Sleep. I hate that people can sleep and I can't.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 4 of the cast

Jack is pretty much acting like he doesn't have a cast on. He crawls around a lot. He has been standing pretty good and doesn't really lift his leg anymore. He keeps his leg down and to us it seems like the pain is not bothering him anymore.
Our fear was that with the heavy cast, he would have restless nights. But it has been quite the opposite. He has been waking up around 6:20. I wake up around 6 and those extra 20 minutes to myself really do something.

He has been doing this great and hilarious trick. While I am in the bathroom getting ready, he crawls up to the door, says "Hhhmmmmm" as if he was saying "hellllloooo"
He looks at me mischieviously and crawls backward. All the while laughing and giggling. The more I laugh, the more he laughs. It is such a great morning routine that we have.
He talks a lot. He understands words like cookie, milk, leche, up, down, and our favorite -relax. When you say relax to Jack, he will literally lay down on the bed, and outstretch his arms out. And just look around and he will relax.

I am hoping the weather gets better this weekend so we can actually walk around outside.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the cast is on...

He was the super champ of all super champs yesterday. He was fine throughout the entire doctor visit. The only time that he got upset was when he had to get another X-ray taken, just to make sure that it really was a fracture. I was a little bit wary of this because of the few times that I have taken off his bandage to tighten it up, he would get nervous and would start to cry for a little bit. And I made a sad face every time he cried so knowing that they would take it off made me a bit nervous.

We entered in the x-ray room and it had cute little decals of fish swimming in the sea on the machine. But really, the last place kids are looking are at the fish. Kids really look at their parents with the "get me out of here look." As soon as we lay Jack on the x-ray table, he lost it. I didn't even want to see on what the nurse was doing with his foot- readjusting the position, making sure it was aligned properly to take the photo. I just held his little head and kissed his tears. Soon my tears mixed with his and when it hit me that this was really happening, I lost it. Really, what is going to happen when Jack skins his knee and cries? Am I going to cry along with him. Such an emotional mother am I.

Jack will have his cast on for three weeks. Which is such great news cause originally we were hearing that it was going to be for 4 - 6 weeks. He had a good night and slept the whole night through. Now my only concern is to teach my child with a heavy cast on how to walk. Parenthood.

Friday, February 20, 2009

First X ray

And let's hope it's the last...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Cast

Jack has fractured his little toe. This is something that I thought would happen when he would play Pee Wee football, not when he is one.

Brian and Jack took a tumble yesterday and that resulted in a somewhat sore back for Brian and a fractured toe for Jack. He was great in the emergency room. He was inspecting the stethoscopes as the nurses checked his heart. He would lay comfortably on the hospital bed sometimes. He would check out the nurses'name tag and would even go "Hff hff hff" which made the nurse ask him " Are you laughing at my picture?" It sounded like it.

I was a mess. I would cry all the time. I would look at his little foot bandaged up and would get misty eyed. I would think about how Jack would look like with a cast as we would try to walk around and I just held him tighter. I felt bad for Brian cause he kept saying" I feel so bad" over and over again. This could have easily have happened with me.
Jack is in a splint now but will have his cast put on on Monday. Stay tuned for that adventure. I will make sure Brian will take tons of photos. And I will make sure that I will wear waterproof mascara.

By the way- Jack will never play football cause I won't let him.