Saturday, December 31, 2011

The True and Tried Method

When Jack was younger, Brian used to do this thing to Jack called the "Jacky Butt". It was a name for a napping method that Brian had for Jack.
Basically, he would put him on the bed when Jack was super cranky, and blow on his belly to make him feel better and more relaxed. The more Brian did it, Jack would relax which at that point Brian just eased the technique and eventually Jack would fall asleep.
This happened when Jack was around 2 years old. Brian hasn't done it since then because Jack doesn't nap anymore.
Until today.
New Years Eve - Jack and Brian were playing around when Brian decided to do that to Jack, just for old time's sake. I said to place Jack on the couch, as I was curious to see if Jack would really nap again after a two year span of not getting the Jacky Butt .It worked and Jack is sleeping on the couch as I type this.
Happy end of 2011. I have two boys napping at the same time. Now unto some Breaking Bad episodes for me and Brian.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Magic Puppy

Charlie recieved this little play dog for Christmas that sings lullabies. It's preey funny because you press the button and this announcer says" 20 minutes of lullabies"followed by yes, 20 minutes of sweet slow music.
Christmas night, we placed Charlie in the bed, tightly swaddled and played the puppy music. He just lay there and I thought he was about to cry, since the music was a bit slow and sounded sad.
But his little eyes closed and fell asleep.
And woke up at 4am. When all this time, he has been waking up almost every two hours.
Woke up only one time?? Is this the answer to our sleepless night prayers? Is this really the magic puppy?
And did I junx myself by stating how well he has slept these past two nights?

For anyone that wants to know, this magic puppy is from the makers of Leap frog. Thanks Leap frog. My tired eyes and body thanks you for giving us some good night's rest.

The Christmas of 2011

My kids are eternally lucky.
One kid has a birthday in November and the other has a birthday in January. Do the math and that means that they get double the presents within a month apart.
See, lucky.
Also, that means that we are screwed because now til forever, we have to figure out what to get them for their birthday that they are not going to get on Christmas. And which day do we deem more important? The anniversary of their birth, or the anniversary of baby Jesus? Since they know nothing about baby Jesus, but a whole lot of Santa, it is hard to see what to get for on what day.
This Christmas was insane with toys and items. For both of them. I thank their grandparents and the aunts and uncles, but it was a lot of stuff. All great stuff, especially since Jack got  exactly what he wanted this year. His face was one of surprise when I told him that Santa knew exactly what he wanted. The lightbulb went off for Jack and I could feel that he was thinking "Whoa , that Santa is goood! "
I felt like I had to compose a schedule for the day; just to make sure all the toys were being played with.
9am - Legos
10am- Playmobil
10:30 - Thomas and the train table
12 - lunch
1pm read (you get the picture)
My mind fast forwarded over to Jack's birthday, which is less than a month. How can I compose an email to the would be gift givers and say "Jack needs only underwear and socks. Thank you"
Is that nice to say? Can I tell people what to give as a gift? I am not sure, as this blog says, I am a new mom.
With a 4 yr old and a 1 month old, all of this still feels very new to me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Favorite Hobby

In the category of "We must be doing something right", Jack loves to take photos. Loves to hold cameras, loves to look at where he can take a photo.
Enough said.

The Christmas Tradition

We have a pretty sweet train to go around the Christmas tree every year that was The Polar Express. Jack got Thomas last year, and that easily trumped the Polar Express as now the main train around the tree.
This was Brian and Jack putting it up this past Thursday, now with a new member of the team Charlie. Although this was right in the midst of Charlie's nap, so he couldn't be bothered with such tasks as placing trains on tracks.

The One Month Mark

One month of being a parent of two. What a tiring ride. But we are getting better at it. And I am happy to report that now, Brian and I are actually able to watch a show here and there before we go to bed. The hardest part of this is that we are getting right into the winter weather. It has been cold this past month and I have been at home a lot more than I would like to. Thank you to my husband for always trying to get me to go out. Even if it is grocery shopping, at least it is going out somewhere. As I write this, today is supposed to be 50 degrees, yet rainy all day. There goes my one chance to go out and walk around the block. Such is life.

Charlie , on the other hand, has been amazing to watch. He likes to do this boy cries wolf act, where in the middle of the night, he will wail and scream for about 4 times before he actually wakes up to feed. All the while, I am lying in bed, waiting for the moment where I really have to get up. Charlie, you are very unlike your brother at this age. Jack slept the whole night and wouldn't want to eat at night. You , on the other hand, love to get up and eat. It's alright. It's been a month now. I am finally getting used to it.
You are now staying more awake in the morning. It's fun to watch your little face look around and stare. Even though if you are staring at the window blinds. That's ok, you never knew what window blinds were until now.
Let's see what month 2 brings - an actual smile? An a-goo?
Another great thing that happened this month - Jack told Charlie that he loves him. Unprovoked and sincere.