Monday, November 30, 2009

An Accomplishment!!!

Last night, it was about 7 pm when Jack wanted to see a movie. Now, his code for watching movies is pointing to the DVD player, then wanting for me to pick him up as he just stares at the DVD. Brian and I also have a habit of leaving the last DVD that we watched just lying by the player, so he knows that there is a movie laying about. When he sees a Baby Einstein lying there, he asks in his baby talk "Can I watch this." As I was about to explain to him that it is getting late, he says

"Peas? Peas?"

Wait - did he mean Please? Yes, Jack has said please. I looked at Brian and I said" How could I refuse. Just for this one time Jack you can watch your movie.

Jack went to bed, regular time 8:30 and woke up sometime today after 7:30.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Man, that was hard.....

After Sunday, I realize now why kids need naps. Because if they don't , they become a relentless ball of energy that they feel it is funny to scream and spill their soup. This was Jack on Sunday.

I am a bit ashamed to say that I do not know on what is the best way to put him down for a nap. Jack is shipped to so many different places every day of the week, that everyone unfortunately has their own way of directing his naptime. Which on the weekends, I am faced with a huge question mark as to what to do for his naptime. On Sunday, at 2 pm , I lay down with Jack and for the next 45 minutes as I "slept" , Jack sang songs, pulled my hair, even laughed a "Hahahaha" at me and pointed at my eyes. I thought that it wouldn't be so bad that he wouldn't nap for that one day.

Except that a friend of Brian's was going to come over for dinner. And while Jack was fine, his energy spurts sometimes were a bit out of control. Dinner time came, Jack kept dipping his fingers in his soup , which I said NO repeatedly. When he started to rock back and forth and soup spilled everywhere, I said" That's it" and placed him in his crib. The next five minutes were the worst for me,cause Jack started to cry that special cry that he has. The one where it seems to say "You really hurt me Mommy. I am sooooooooooooooo sad!"

In order to not have a stone look at the dinner table, I hid in the bathroom. And just listened to Jack cry. And told myself to pull it together cause there was a guest in the dining room that was ready and waiting to eat smothered pork chops. What do you do in something like this? I feel bad because although I should have been playing the good host, my child was screaming in the other room and he was mentally exhausting me with every scream and tear. I could not concentrate that night.
I realize that there will be more nights like this, but could that be avoided if Jack had a nap? And if guests are over and Jack acts up. I am not the type of person that can easily hide on how I feel. So what do I do? The questions are coming up as Jack is about to turn two and is turning into his own little person. I wonder where the days went where I would just be timing Jack's feedings and his tummy time.
Time does pass by quickly. Too quick to even take a catnap.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Gems

* Saturday was a perfect day for the park. We were walking down the steps when Jack got a burst of the "It's a warm day" excitements. He kept jumping up and down and singing "Go outside! Go outside! Go outside!"
I could not stop laughing for the next five minutes.

* It was a boy's day out for Brian, Jack and my father in law as they went to Milwaukee (yes as in Wisconsin) to go to a train layout convention. They spent five hours there.
Brian said that Jack would get upset everytime they would leave a train layout, but quickly got over it when they arrived at another one.

* We ate dinner at the Elmwood Family restaurant yesterday. Kind of those mom and pop restaurants where the restaurant marquee exclaims -Dinner and Cocktails. Yeah, now you know what I am referring to.
We ordered a cream of chicken for Jack. Which he was eating fine, til he got his hands on the Saltines. From then on, he kept dipping his crackers into the soup. He then got a hold of my french fries and dipped the fries in the soup.

* Jack asked for a sip of my "water", which was actually Sprite. I said " alright you asked for it" and watched as he gave me the most disgusted look for having drunk that fizzy liquid. I then told Jack "This is Mommy's water, and that is yours", pointing to his cup.
He then repeated over and over, "Dis is Mami's, dis is Jack's.

* As we left the Elmwood Restaurant, the cashier asked if Jack could have a lollipop. I said "He can't , but I can."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All the little things

There are ways and expressions that a child really does inherit from their parents. When I was about 1 -2 years old, the story would be that I would go into the kitchen, stand in the corner and just jabber. The baby talk would be non stop and there is even a photo to prove that I did such a thing (thanks Mami and Papi).
Now, Jack has gone into the world of speaking. Some words we can understand, but a lot of it is just a wonderful sound of blurbs to us. Even when I am trying to give him his dinner, he will sit there and just go, aahahvns;bntonbot ksfhfsdnfsbfaeuifnasuebfwif. Those are actual words by Jack. I cannot wait til it comes to that time when I can actually talk with Jack and have real words exchanged, but at this moment, his little words is one of the greatest moments of our lives

Jack is becoming a real Sesame Street kid. And thank god for
There are a lot of classic videos on there, and most of them are ones that I remember when I was about 4 years old. It made me a bit teary to see that Jack was laughing at the exact same videos that made me laugh when I was young.
It's an amazing feeling to have when you realize that the things you loved most as a child, now brings the same happiness to your own child. For Brian that would be his love of trains, which now Jack cannot live without Thomas and must play trains at least 6x's a day. Jack and I now share a love for Sesame Street. At times, I am finding that I am more excited to watch it than he is. It never goes away, you know..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry Mac.

But his name is Jack and he is a PC. I wonder if in writing this I will need to pay some royalties on this post.