Thursday, February 28, 2008

One month

And what have I learned. Gas is bad. It is even worse when you can't burp it out of your baby. Babies have tons of gas. Jack likes to pass a lot of gas. I did not know so much comes out from someone so little. He is the cutest baby that I have seen.Pacifiers are hard. When do you use them? Onesies are sometimes hard to put on your child. Swaddling is key. So are car rides and stroller rides. TV sucks. Thanks goodness for DVD's. I love Lucy really is a good show. Moms are the best. Thanks for the free dinners. And friends are the best when they call to say "Hey how are you." Babies are the best when they just look at you for what seems like forever. It is the best feeling.


Snow is horrible. I know this and everyone knows this but I have not realized my utter distaste for it til this winter. Can anyone agree with me that this winter has been absolutely horrific? And i have said more than once that this winter has given me the winter blahs since it has restricted me and my new son from going out and enjoying mommy and me days out. Yesterday was the worst day that we have expierienced.
The snow fall from Tuesday made me think that the sidewalks were going to be bad, since no one here in Oak Park seems to shovel. I took a chance and we set out for a nice walk. Nice indeed. Sidewalks were icy, not just icy patches but ice that were a block long. All different kinds of ice patches too. Smooth, bumpy and watery ice patches. Watery ice? Yes come to Oak Park and you will see what I am talking about. If that weren't bad enough, when we got to the end of the sidewalk, all the snow that was shoveled from the street was now gathered at the curb. There was no way that any mom and her stroller could have gotten over those mountain hills. I kept looking to see if perhaps in going over the snow hills I have lost my baby. I kept going from this street to down that street to around to another street to get to Lake street.
I want this snow to go away. And I want all Oak Park residents to shovel the next time we have snow. It's Oak Park, I am sure that someone has a shovel somewhere.

Friday, February 15, 2008

First day out!!!!!

To all women out there that want to get pregnant and want to have a baby, try to plan to have the baby sometime in the spring and beyond. Having a baby in the dead of winter is tough. Normally we would have winters that are somewhat brutal, but this year, the year that my son happened to be born in, turns out to be one of the toughest winters ever. I cannot remember us having so much snowfall every single day. Why couldn't this happen in December? When everyone is wishing for a white christmas? Today happened to be a day where it did not snow and the temp was not below zero. So Jack and I made our first trek outside. It felt so great. We went to CVS and Jewel. That may not seem like a great trip to some, but if you have been indoors for almost a month, with only going out four times that month, that trip to CVS seemed like heaven. Jack acted like the typical baby and fell asleep as soon as the rumble of the stroller started. We had a slight adventure as we were out. We crossed over this huge slush of a snow pile and the stroller got stuck, for a second. Thankfully, we got ourselves unstuck as we pushed our way thru the snow. That was a close one.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Calm before the feeding storm

He was very cool like this as I was changing him, which was weird cause he winces once he hears one snap being updone from his onesie. He likes to do this thing called eat now cause he is constantly eating for what feels like every hour. Is this normal? After this changing, it has been a wah followed by sleep for maybe 20 minutes,followed by another wah. This went on for about 4 hours until I had the brilliant idea of swaddling him really good and finally putting him down for a decent nap. In those four unruly hours, he would sleep of course but only if I held him. It wasn't until I placed him down in the crib that he would sleep for about 20 min. before he realized that Mommy wasn't holding him.
Taking this photo though made me realize that we have another artist in the family. I was holding the Nikon Coolpix and he was absolutely fascinated by it. He would not look away and was very cooperative with taking this photo. He will either grow up to the next photographer or an actor. Perhaps I can send this photo to Gerber. Aren't they always looking for the next baby to be their model. Does this look like a Gerber face?

Wee hours in the morning

Sorry I can't even remember what time this was taken. All I know that it was early this morning in one of the early feedings and Brian woke up to say good morning to me and fell back asleep

Believe it or not, this is what he looks like around the 2 am. Gosh I am a lucky mommy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I can't believe I have time to write this sentence

Babies are cute. Expecially when they are your own. I may be such a first time mother for saying this but man is my child adorable. But man, do they take up your time. I know I said that I would update this daily, but this really has been the first time that I have had time to sit down and look at the laptop for more than 5 minutes before a "wah' would ring out thru the apartment. Thanks to my mom for being here today. Without her, this entry would not be possible.

Pediatric visit today. Jack has grown from 7 lbs 2 oz to a whopping 7 lbs. 12 oz. He is growing to be quite the big boy. All is well.He is scheduled to have his first ultrasound in his 6 week mark. He needs to have his hips checked as all c-section babies need to have their hips checked. : ( So far his hips are feeling fantastic.

Jack has discovered the mirror. He did his first baby "ahhhhh" yesterday as I was changing him. I want to think that he knew what he was looking at. And was that a smile that I saw on his face? A legit smile?

Ahh and work just called and said that they "never" got my paperwork stating that I wanted all my vaca and sick pay. So now they are trying to see if they can cut me a check. Even at maternity leave, work always comes back to me.

Why do babies have gas?

You would think that since babies are so small, that the little (or much)that they take in, it would be easier for them to burp. It seems that my pat,pat, pats that I give to Jack's back triggers an alert for him not to burp but to sleep. I can pat his back for what seems like a half an hour and nothing still comes out. That is when I pray to the Gods above to help me and have him let out a big buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Miraculously, it works.