Friday, September 26, 2008

I have a voice and I can use it

Jack has made the occasional noises here and there. An "ugh" followed by a "ehhhh". On Saturday, it seems that those noises are not enough for him . He has discovered that he can make a sound with his mouth and throat, so now he does a full " ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". And very loudly I might add. And his little face scrunches and his eyebrows are furrowed so everytime he does that , someone asks "Oh what's wrong? Why is he is so angry?" Then I go into Mom defense mode "My little boy is not an angry boy. He is just expieriencing his vocal chords".

I would love to post a video of him doing this, but the true actor that he is, whenever he sees the camera , he will stop what he is doing and will look straight at the camera. Speaking of which, Jack has been entered in the Baby Gap casting call contest. Go here , current gallery, and you can search for his photos by my email address

Go Jack Morowczynski!!! How can he not win!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Eight months

"So, staaaaaaaaannnnnnd." - REM

Sitting is passe for Jack. For him, it is just stand and try to stand alone. As soon as you place him on the floor , he will grab you and just pull himself up and stand. If he wanted to and if there was such a thing as all the time in the world, he would probably stand for the whole day. Unless he wants a nap. Napping is few and far between. Yesterday, he spent the whole day with just an hour and a half of naps under his belt. He was too enthralled with his cousin Nathalie to take a nap. He is not crawling, nor does he like being on his tummy too much. Four teeth. Level 2 Gerber baby food. Garden Vegetable anyone! Looks gross but Jack likes it and that is all that counts. Actually one of his new flavors is Pineapple banana and I can't wait to taste that one. Yes, I do taste some of his desserts.No new words yet but my mom claims that today he said "mama" and then went on with some gibberish. hmmmmm....

Bedtime - 8:30 without a doubt, and still sleeps beautifully.

Wakes up - 6 am. On weekends, when he wakes up, we take him to our bed,give him his milk and he drifts off to sleep for another hour and a half. That is our way of getting another hour and half for ourselves too.

next up - Jack has been entered in the casting call for gap baby. Finalists are then voted by the public. My first birthday as a mom. Halloween and fall time for Jack.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer is almost over

This pic is one of the last memories of Jack's first summer. Hanging out with his cousin, Nati, on a Friday in August.

I cannot believe that we are here in late September. Jack has started to get his fall/winter clothes. He is on the verge of turning eight months! Our best friends Paul and Brooke just had their first son, Bridger. And with that , Jack has been dethroned as the newest baby. Now he has become the veteran and the one that can show little Bridger the ropes. I am in awe and a bit shellshocked that we are in this stage. Where we meet the newest baby and I get to say" Oh my gosh, he is so little. I remember when Jack was that small." Or I get to say stuff like "He is a lot lighter than Jack."

I remember my friend Allie telling me that when she met Jack for the first time. And she was doing her comparisons from Jack to her daughter Olivia, who is nine months older than Jack. With Jack only being 4 weeks old at that time, I thought that it would be a lifetime before I would get to say that about another baby. And now here we are......

PS my friend Katie has a blog about her daughter in which she keeps it updated excellently.

Every time I go on it, I realize that I need to update it more often than I should. I will try but it is soo hard. I am working mommy, who tries to pick up her son at a decent time so we can have at least one hour to play before he goes to sleep. :(

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where is everyone???

Some labor day weekend. The one weekend in a long time where I can enjoy the three day glory of no work -and I get sick. Almost severely. It was at one point where the whole body aches and you can't even lift a tissue cause it hurts so bad. That is where I was on Sunday. Brian was also feeling it too. So we tried to have a family outing to a picnic but my body was not having it. I wanted to call someone sooooooo bad to come over and just watch Jack for 5 hours. Just enough so Brian and I can take a quick nap and take medicine so we could get better.
All our family lives here.
There was no one available.
People had plans ,were out or did not want to catch our germs. Understandable.
But I really wanted someone to be over and help. I even asked Brian where is everyone? We have everyone in the world here except all our friends in St. Paul and no one can come over. : ( I felt lonely -and germy.
Good news is that Jack -who was the originator of this cold - is getting over his cold and did not get it as bad as us.
The bad news is that I have lost my voice.
How can you parent and be sick at the same time? That is hard stuff.