Friday, July 18, 2008

Six months

I cannot believe that it has been already six months that I was lying on a hospital bed, yelling across the room "It's ok" to a crying baby that was only 15 minutes old. It was at that moment that I thought "I am the one that is going to have to take care of this baby. I. Don't. Know. What. To.Do."Six months later and I think that Brian and I are doing an excellant job. Everyone says he is a happy baby. He goes to anyone who wants to take care of him. Well, except for this one dude that works with Brian. That needs to be investigated. He sleeps like a rock. Yes his fussy nights were just a phase. Cereal eating is going great. He knows who his mom and dad are, even if we do work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, thank god. And , six months later, Jack still does his half- smile,Harrison Ford style. I hope that never goes away.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Much has happened in Jack World

Where to start???
July 6 - He ate cereal for the first time. Everyone said "Oh watch for his face!! Babies give the best face ever when they taste cereal. So we gave him the cereal and .....nothing. He gave a slight wince and then opened his mouth wide for more. It's like he has been eating cereal his whole life. By the end of the feeding, he was grabbing the spoon from my hand and feeding himself. Whoa, slow down there boy!!! His face broke out in a rash from applesauce, but did give a little yuck face to bananas. Next up, peas and carrots. And I will be watching for that orange nose to appear.

Week of July 7 - He is sitting all by himself. He needs to have someone sit behind him since sometimes he falls backward. But it is really endearing to watch him try to balance himself with his little arms extended outward. I was encouraging Jack by saying " Good boy!! You are doing such a great job!!" But he would not look at me. He would look straight at the floor and have the most serious look on his face.

He also likes to roll over in his sleep. Which is a bit scary cause what if he rolls over during the night?? Thankfully I am such a light sleeper that as soon as I hear his rolling over, I immediatley wakeup and check to see if he is ok. This would explain on why I have been drinking a lot of coffee in the morning.

Next up, we are moving the last weekend of July. Jack gets his own room. And I will probably never sleep again.

Great T shirt

I really want to get this shirt for Jack. This website has some great little designs that he would look absolutely brilliant in. it's from Trendy Tadpole.

T shirts are $25. Yikes. Should i get one?
UPDATE!!! If you want to get one, there is a special for 30 % off. Code is 30off. They are super cute and they offered me a free shirt just for this mention. Pretty cool since their designs are pretty sweet. I may have to take up on that 30% sale.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not so fast

So I knew that things were too good to be true. The blessed eight hour uninterrupted sleep that Jack would have has now ended. In return, we now have a crying match that lasts for about 30 minutes to put him to sleep, followed by a wake up call around 1 - 3 pm of another crying fit. Sometimes we can put a pacifier in his mouth and he can go to sleep. Or I like to pat his little thigh and that puts him to sleep as well .Lately, none of those tricks have worked. It would be great if I could just breast feed him and off he goes into slumber land, but with him being so picky about the boob, we now have to get up and make him a bottle. Great. The weird thing is that he is still sleepy when he is crying which makes me think that

1. He had a bad dream. What do babies dream about anyways? Time to google that one.

2. He's hungry

3. He likes to wake up the rest of the world with his sweet little voice. A voice that goes "wahhhhhh"