Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Bath Time

Friday, June 24, 2011

The First Movie Theatre

I may be making a big deal of this, but today is Jack's first trip to the theaters. We are going to see Cars 2 , and it couldn't be more fitting for a boy and his first movie. Not just because it is about cars and boys are supposed to love cars and auto motives, but this is his first Pixar on the big screen. I am proud that Brian and I held out and long as we did to show the right movie for Jack.

Now, here comes the concerns;
1. How many times will Jack ask to go to the washroom ( and miss a crucial scene! )
2. Will he be able to see over the seats in front of him?
3. Will he gorge too much on popcorn ,and therefore we would have to handle a child with a tummyache for the rest of the night?
4. Will the theater be crowded? Will we have crappy seats?
5. Will he even like this movie???

So many questions - to be answered tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Father's Day 2011

I am very thankful to say that we have three fathers to celebrate on this Father's Day. My dad, my father in law, and Brian.

Even though I am still trying to see how I can celebrate all dads on their actual day and fit them all in one day, the fact is that Jack has two grandfathers to be with every week. Jack has a grandfather that takes care of him and will take him to any park to play soccer. He also has a grandfather that will take him to any train show that is available. Indiana? Wisconsin? far away Illinois? Done that , been taken there.

Let's not forget the ultimate in all Papa's - our Brian. The one who works so hard ,sacrafices his weekends for his family, who drives from here to there from Jack's sitter to a suburb one hour away for an assignment. You are the ultimate hard worker Brian. There is a reason that I always say thank you to you every time you take an assignment. I may work 40 hours a week, but I feel you are the one that works harder, longer, better. Thank you.

Take time to say thanks to the Papa's in your life this weekend. They work so much, love so much and sacrafice so much than anyone else does to be a dad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Best Compliment

"You are my favorite amor."

Jack to me yesterday at dinner time. Perhaps he said it because I was so insistent that he gets well nourished by eating dinner, rather than not eating at all. Whatever the case is, I responded with a huge hug and a kiss.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Imagination

Jack has a slew of imagination games that he plays now. One gets cuter than the next one. All are easy to play except for when he wants to play the spy game. I am not sure, being about 4 ½ months pregnant, that I can do much stunts that a James Bond can do.

The Puppy
As much as I love my son, something kind of holds me back when he wants to play one. Maybe because we are pretending that he is an animal, and will just pant and woof as only a puppy learning his tricks can do. I laugh when we play this game, but I don’t want this game to continue, such as the puppy is bad and I give him a time out. OK, I went too far on that one. I don’t think that Jack would take the game that far.

Jack’s “puppy” tricks include the Sit, Shake, Speak, and placing a treat on his nose, balancing it, and then getting the treat. To which I say “good boy!!” afterwards. He likes it. He also pretends to be a puppy more when our dog comes over to me and I start to pet him.

The Bambi
Yes, as in Disney’s Bambi. I love this one the best. I am Mama Bambi, he is Bambi , and Brian is the Great Prince. Cause, you know in Bambi, Bambi’s dad is never referenced as father, just the Great Prince. I think Brian secretly loves that we are calling him a Prince.
One of the reasons that this is my favorite is that he will pretend to be Bambi, and for some reason, “Bambi” will always listens to what his mom tells him to do. Like , Relax. Brush your teeth. Time to go to bed. Bambis always listens to their Mama Bambis.

The Special Agent
He plays this game when he sees an episode of Special Agent Oso, a Disney channel cartoon. Really, this cartoon is an agent in training and does some impressive stunts. When Jack wants to play, he pretends to be the Special agent, and asks myself or Brian to be his leaders where we give him a training exercise. I use this game as a time to do a chore around the house.
“Today’s special training exercise, you will clean up your toys in the living room.”
I think I said that one once and Jack said” Umm, no, how about another one?”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Monday Concert

We attempted to do a Millenium park concert yesterday but it was way too hot, I was losing my voice , and Jack looked like he was about to pass out. Thank God for the H- 2- O.
Jack took my phone and was taking pictures of what he saw. I think this is not a typical three year old taking photos. This is a three year old who thought first what he saw and formed a composition in his photographs. His photographer parents couldn't be more proud.