Monday, August 16, 2010

The Monday Morning

It was a brilliant Monday morning.

Jack came out of his room, gives me a crooked smile (it is one of the cutest smiles that I have ever seen on a kid) and he says “I played with Grandma at Grandma’s house. I played with Max. I watched Baby Einstein.”

He has never given me a run down on what he did the day before. Since I wasn’t with Brian and Jack yesterday, maybe he felt like he needed to tell me as soon as he woke up on what I missed.
He ate his breakfast and stole my toast with cream cheese. He asked for it however, so I can’t say that he stole it.
“Can I have that?” That is his favorite question when he wants something. So I did.

And when I was leaving for work, I said in Spanish “You are going to have a great day with grandpa. And you will behave and be nice.”
Jack’s response “ Yeah.”

And he kissed me goodbye. I do love the good mornings like this. Then I do not feel so guilty about leaving for work.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Never ending Question

"When is the second one coming?"

Well, considering that we are not pregnant, I don't know. How can you plan for a family? Is that a stupid question to ask?
The likely scenario that we would like to be in would be debt free, making a decent amount of money, and then we can plan for the second child. However, can that happen soon enough? What if it doesn't?
I think sometimes that it would be better to have Jack fully potty trained and speak in complete sentences before we have a second one. Yet, I see our friends having the second child and their first one is not potty trained yet. I say to myself " Wow, how do they do that?" Duh, Andrea, it is not rocket science. People raise two kids every day. We could too.
But our lives are so hectic now, and running from here to there, could we have another kid? How? When? HOW?
People ask us the second child question all the time - wouldn't Jack like to have a little sibling? It makes me feel sometimes like I am not giving enough to my child. We give our child food, clothes, all our blood , sweat and tears when we work. It is not enough though because we have to give Jack that sibling. And what if it never happens? Would we fail as parents?
There is nothing better that I would love to do now than give Jack a brother or sister. But When is the ever ending question. When? Hey, I would love to tell you but I am not sure when myself.

The Vacation - Photos

Fly away Jack!

We really try to get Jack to smile but c'mon -he's driving a firetruck!

Pretty much sums up Little Amerricka - a couple of rides and a whole lot of farmland.

Family Portrait- never mind that guy in the yellow.

Two miles of the train track - wouldn't you lay down too?

Last night in St. Paul - where everyone was there. Shari - you were missed.

Note: There are hardly any photos from St. Paul. We placed our cameras down it seems for that part of the trip. There are more photos of Jack and Bridger, but that was taken with our camera phones. Sorry guys!

The Vacation

Our summer vacation was in St. Paul. It is safe to say that it was one of the best that we have had yet. July 29 - August 3 . It pretty much solidified a new friendship for Jack and a certain boy named Bridger Berg.

Thursday -we stopped at a small town USA joint called Little Amerricka in Sun Prairie WI. That is the correct spelling of that place. It's an amusement park and it was probably the same size as Kiddieland. Not as many rides for the little ones, but when the ride conductor says that you can ride the fire trucks more than once, the lack of rides really doesn't matter.
Quality over quantity at this place.
There was a train ride that spanned 2 miles. Which meant it was a good 15 minutes of us sitting and relaxing and soaking up our vacation for what it was worth.
Onto our next stop which was St. Paul to visit the best people ever - The Bergs, The Carlsons, The Mader- Browns, The Nelsons.
Bridger is the son of Brian's best friend, and just when you hope that your son will be buds with your best friend's son - it happened. And there was no better feeling in the world.
It was wonderful to see these two little guys getting to know each other. And realizing that the other likes to run around the house like you do!! And hey! This guy likes mac and cheese, just like me. It was these realizations that these two had that made me really want to live in St. Paul. Just so Jack and Bridger can tell each other stories, play make -believe and share each other cookies. It's hard to give that to Jack here, with our running around so much from this house to the day care.
He sees his day care buds twice a week, and there aren't any boys his age that we know that he can play with often. I did get a little weepy when we left. I wanted so much for Jack to be with Bridger just a couple of minutes,or hours longer.

My plea is this, and the Bergs hear this often..Come back to Chicago. Wouldn't you want our boys to eat mac and cheese and eat Oreos every weekend?
Jack still asks for Bridger. And when I ask him what we are going to do today -he sometimes says "Bridger's house?
No joke.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Day

I deem today Jonathan Joseph Morowczynski Day. Just because.
There are so many stories that I hear from my friends of their little ones being sick, having to go to the hospital daily as if it was day care, miscarriages.

How fortunate Brian and I were that on our first time being pregnant, I carried full term. There were no complications. No medical procedures. Jack came out healthy and has been since Day 1.
Except for the broken toe incident. But I believe that was meant to have made him a fast and incredibly strong runner. Have you seen how fast Jack goes? It's amazing for a 2 year old.
We have such an intelligent and strong boy that we take it for granted sometimes. When I hear stories of other children being so sick, it makes us thankful a thousand times over.
Recognizing this today, I am calling this Jack Day. Any movie that he wants. Anything for dinner that he wants. He said he wants Apple Jacks for dinner. Let's see.....
We are on our second movie for tonight. We'll have some dinner, and run in the sprinklers afterwards.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Treme and Jack

I was giving Jack a bath last night and was singing the Treme theme song. For those who don't know, Treme was a great HBO series that Brian and I watched. It has one of the best theme songs that I have heard for a TV show. Not since Family Ties, have I have been singing a TV show theme song and liked it. Over and over again.

So as I sang, Down in the treme, just me and my baby”.. Jack would sing the exact words a couple of minutes later. So after the bath, and while putting in his PJ’s, Jack would sing

Down in the Treme
Me and baby
I’m jumping and fun

Here is the song. I would not blame you if it got stuck in your head as well.