Friday, January 28, 2011

The Third Year Wish

Dear Jack,

Your third birthday has come and gone, so here is my wish for you, for this year and forever.

I could say the usual things that most parents could say to their child. I hope you are happy, loved and potty trained well.

For this year, I have never wanted that more for anyone else than I do for you.

I hope you are always happy. You always show happiness . Even when you watch a cat jump up to catch a dangling string, you find that hilarious. I want great things for you Jack. I want the people that are in your life to be true to you as you will be to them. I want you to be with good people. People that will lead you to right and not wrong. I want you to learn as you grow. Know that you will always have us with you.

I want you to always know on what makes you happy. What is good for you. Stay true to yourself . You love Thomas the Train Engine? Great. You love to have us with you as you go to sleep? Great. So long as I get to go back to my bed and sleep there. I can't stay in your room all night. but that is something that we need to work on.

Always ask questions, always want to know what is going on. That is how you learn.

Stay warm and loving. Always give hugs just because, and know that you will always get hugs and kisses too, just because.

This year will be one of our best. Let me stress that you will be potty trained this year!! That is enough excitement in itself.
You may not have a sibling, or a puppy, or all the Thomas trains you want, but your parents are two people who are amazing in what they do for their child. Always know that they love you like no other.

Cheers to turning 3 !!

Mama and Papa

The best quote of the week

Usually when Brian drops Jack off at the daycare, Jack does one of the two things;

A. He cries his heart out for Brian cause he doesn’t want to stay there
B. He runs to the Thomas train table and won’t really care that Brian is leaving.

Yesterday, Brian dropped him off, and he ran to the Thomas table. Only this time, he turned around and looked at Brian. It sounded like it was a staring contest, because Brian couldn’t decide whether he should say goodbye one last time or just leave. Either way, it looked like Jack was going to break.
However, our daycare teacher said that after Brian left, Jack just stood there, watched the door and turned to his teacher and said
“ It’s ok, he’ll be back."
and went off to play and do his daily duties.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Year - 2011

Just a few pics of Jack. The last few photos are from NYE, when it was 60 degrees. We wore spring jackets and hung out in Lincoln Park for the Zoo lights. At 8 pm, we walked back to the car and watched the Navy Pier fireworks from the Farm in the Zoo. And a New Years Eve miracle happened, as Jack passed out while we went home and seamlessly went to bed with no complaints, giving his mom and dad a well deserved night to themselves as they waited for the new year. Thanks Jack.

The Third Birthday photos

The Birthday cake that I made. Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting.
I was impressed by how easy it was to make, and I was most proud that I made my son's birthday cake. It's the little things that make me happy.

The birthday scene. Jack and his cousin Frannie in action, while older cousin Nati and Uncles Steve and Roberto watch.

Birthday Morning. Trying to blow up a balloon and showing the neighbors that it's his birthday.

The morning after.

The Third Birthday

I always expect that something miraculous would happen on his birthday. As if when he turns a year older, he would start doing something that would show how much older he is. Like take a bath by himself or recite the constitution. But every year, he just looks like the same little guy. It's when we are not looking that Jack just seems to have grown up by himself.
We were telling Jack that once it is his third birthday, that he would no longer wear diapers. Just underwear and go to the potty all the time. The whole day he wore underwear. And around 11 am, he peed in the potty. I gave him the biggest hug and gave him the biggest smile. He looked a bit surprised that he was actually doing what we have been telling him to do this whole time. I thought, easy peasy. We've got this!!!!
Later on at his party, he was doing the dance in my pants, I gotta go dance. My sister pointed it out and by the time I got to him, it was a bit too late. So this potty training business is going to take a whole lot longer than we expected. As with every lesson, Jack will just automatically go to the potty one of these days. And we will find ourselves wondering what it was like to change a diaper.
  • Jack got a huge bed for his birthday. A present from my parents. A huge bed means a twin size. He looks so small in the bed yet he stretches out his arms and legs and takes up the whole space. He still comes to our bed at night. Another lesson that we have to learn.
  • He got lots of toys for his birthday. I think he is set for the next two Christmases and birthdays. His best gifts was Jessie from Toy Story and a toy laptop. He talks to Jessie at night before he goes to bed. And asks to play on the laptop when he wakes. Thanks Auntie Jill and Tia.
  • The most practical and best gifts that I think he got was socks and clothes. Losing your socks in the laundry is annoying, losing your child's socks in the laundry is just plain frustrating. Thanks Tia Diana. Just what the mama and papa ordered.

The Third Birthday

January 22, 2008 - 5:33 pm

January 22, 2009 - 5:33 pm

January 22, 2010 - 5:33 pm -

January 22, 2011 - 5:34 pm. This is the scene of his birthday party. Jack was playing with his Auntie Jill, and everyone was just at ease on that day.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

Happy New Year. We are coming close to Jack's birthday. Two weeks away. I have been telling Jack that once he turns three, that the diapers will go away. This is my way of potty training him. I hope to have a post on Febuary 1 that Jack is fully potty trained and that it was a cinch.
Let's hope and see.