Monday, November 22, 2010

The Words

This was right before we were to head out to go trick or treating.
We attempted to have Jack take a nap, with no such luck.
- for those who are trying to understand what Jack says,it is "Off the track and we crash on the bend." I am sure that is dialogue from a Thomas episode.
- the song that he sings is from the Pixar short " Boundin".

The Cousins

Jack and his cousin Nathalie. It is right before we are about to leave
for a Halloween party. Jack is Charlie Brown and Nati is a
50's secretary.

The Follower

The first set of feet is Julian Catania, trying out his new remote car that he got for his birthday. The feet that are following and jumping around behind Julian is Jack.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Nighttime Quote

"Thanks for spending the day with me. I had a nice time with you."
Brian to Jack as he was putting him to bed.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Tradition

Brian and Jack have a traditional boys day.
This is the second year that they along with my father in law, have gone to Milwaukee train fest.
The love of trains can take someone very far.
Hey, it's about two hours away, and that can be a guaranteed two hour nap for Jack.
I am told that this fest just has a plethora of train tables with model trains running around. I have not gone to this as I think that this is a great day where the boys can spend hours looking at one layout. I like a good model train set, but I like more for the fact that this is a just Brian and Jack day.
Plus this is a guaranteed just me day as well. I had every intention of going out, being in a different neighborhood. Having a coffee and reading.
Yet, I got stuck watching Beaches. If my husband was home and Beaches was on, I would never hear the dialogue cause all I hear would be his snickers. And not the chocolate kind either.
There are tons of video that Brian took. That will be uploaded later.

The Halloween of 2010

I have to admit that after the scare of Monsters. Inc. and the ability to wake up every night and come to our room, I really wasn't in the Halloween mood this year.
Am I ever? Not really. My Catholic upbringing just make me more aware of the "true stories" of ghosts, bad spirits and all that negative energy.
Plus, we are just getting over the Monsters, Inc scare. Do we really need to start over all again with the night frights? I would imagine Jack walking down the street, and he would see the skeletons and faces of Dracula, and only see those pictures as he closed his little eyes and would try to go to sleep.
My idea for this year was to introduce Halloween, and just tell him over and over again that those images are silly. Whenever he hears that something is silly, that basically means to him, Do not be afraid. It worked. He didn't get scared at all.
Trick or treating was great cause he understood that you would have to go from house to house to get candy. It was cute to see his face dig in his basket after every house that we left to see what candy he got.
Fortunately, we live right by the MARS chocolate factory. There was huge line of people , but the wait was worth it. It was a dream to see the factory workers approach you with handfuls of Snickers and Twix to place in your basket. They even asked if we wanted more to which I happily said "YES". But Brian took me away. How dare he.
We still have Halloween candy, but Jack is forgetting about it day by day.
Yes, he would get a candy after dinner. And yes, he did wait patiently for it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Diapers

We are tired of changing diapers. Where is the potty fairy??
Potty training is tough. End of post.

The October Moments

Nap in the afternoon.

Laundry in the evening...

means kisses in the tunnel...

as well as trying to hide from me, as I was the monster
in the tunnel.

October 16th marked the 1st birthday of our niece Frances.
We are just waiting for the moment when she can run around with Jack.
And the parents can sit back and watch. Until then, she is a crawling

Relax when you can with your kid.

Daybreak means straight to the train table.

The Audience

It is official Jack, you are a Worldwide sensation.

I was just looking at this tab in Blogger called " Your Audience" and I see that this blog has been viewed in Ireland, Italy, England. ??? Sir Paul McCartney, are you there???

I have to admit that I have no idea on how this Blogger works. I haven't really looked at all the corners of this site. All I know is "Here is your New Post tab. Type, click and post.
That is what I have been doing for the past three years.
Three years of this blog. I am glad that I haven't given up on this blog.

The Changing of the Seasons

Jack , for the first time, really understood what Fall was about. He realized that the leaves were changing color and that all the leaves eventually fall off the tree.
What is it about jumping in the pile of leaves? I don't think that I ever did that as a kid. Am I deprived? Who knows? I think that my childhood was good considering that I watched a good amount of Tom and Jerry.
Jack got every chance that he could get when he saw the pile of leaves to throw them up in the air. He also became curious one day and thought it would be a good idea to take a handful and crunch them in his mouth. Now I know I didn't do something like that as a kid.
This Fall was a strange one. It was mild - about 70's , 60's. Just when I packed away the summer clothes, I had to bring it out one last time for a couple more weeks.
We are now coming upon that dreadful season we call Winter. I love that every year, I always ask Brian what state can we live in that would be the perfect temperature all year round. About 80 degrees and sunny.
His response is always the same :We could live somewhere else but that would mean goodbye to our family and the free daycare ( my parents take care of Jack Mondays and Tuesdays).


Well, then I am glad that we are raising our boy in Chicago. Land of the windchill. It toughens you up doesn't it? If you can survive a winter in Chicago, you can do anything!
We are also coming up on the season of the colds and runny noses. Jack currently has one and I am bravely trying to fight off whatever is brewing in me right now. Pleeeeaase! I don't think I have another sick day at work and I will be upset if I use a vacation day as a sick day.