Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Never-ending Question

This is a question that Jack has been asking constantly for over two weeks now. I am not sure where he learned it or from who, but whenever he does something that deems to be funny, he will ask

" Was that funny?"

He will ask it when you least expect it. When we are watching a movie, Tom and Jerry or just something that he has done.

That being said, if he does something that is sneaky or something that he shouldn't do, he will still ask " Was that funny?"

To which I go in serious Mom mode and I explain on why it is not funny. Such as, you shouldn't throw the remote control up in the air since something can potentially break.

He gets it and doesn't do it again.

One more question that he says, and he seems to say this when we are watching America's Funniest Home videos is "

" That's not nice, but it's funny."

He seems to say it on videos where people fall off the roofs or slam into a tree. I think he got that phrase from me. And yes, it is not nice to laugh at people who slam into a bush while riding a bike, but it is funny just the same.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Good Night Mama Series

The following is a series of photos that Brian sent to me while I went to see U2 back in July. We had a family day that day, and Jack being as tired as he was, passed out while we took a water taxi ride from Navy Pier to the museum campus. While Brian and Jack walked their way back to the hotel. Brian decided to take pics of Jack sleeping at the landmarks.

The text with the pics were Brian's words as he sent the pics.

G'night Mama.

G'night Mama pt. 2

G'night Mama. Take the train to the hotel. Don't walk.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Eating Habits

Jack doesn't eat vegetables. We have no idea on how to make him eat it. One coworker told me that his mom used to put melted cheese on his broccoli. He learned to eat it then as a kid and eats it now. I got so happy when I heard that that I wanted to buy a big block of cheddar cheese, and melt it on every veggie that we served at the table. Not the most healthy, but whatever makes our son eat a green!!
It didn't work. Even his favorite cartoon, Special Agent Oso, claimed to have liked broccoli and chicken. Great, so will Jack right?
I don't know where to go from here. I could mash up every single veggie and mix it with his marinara sauce next time he has pasta. But that is it for my creative ideas.
Anyone else have some? I would love to know.

The Reaction and Being Thankful

This second pregnancy has been a lot different. The pain, the discomfort, the movement in utero most of all. However the one aspect that I didn't expect was some people's reaction to this pregnancy. Call it a woman's intuition, call it being oversensitive, but the remarks and the reactions that I have received has been a bit shocking, and most of all upsetting.

I hate that I spent most of this pregnancy being upset for making others uncomfortable. I have felt some people move away when I approached them, has given me the sudden cold shoulder, and most of all, the neglect of asking on how I am, how my life has been. When I have always asked them on how they are. I don't know why people have reacted this way. I didn't expect for people to ALWAYS ask me on how I was, and how the baby has been. But do you think in these last eight months, I could have been asked at least once? Let it be known that I have remembered whatever has been going on in their lives. And the comments that people have made about my pregnancy;
Oh, so you're knocked up?
Stay away from me, you're pregnant.
You're pregnant? Why?
You're pregnant? Is this a good thing?
You're pregnant? Oh.

Really??? To say this to me was distasteful, rude and downright upsetting. Even if this was a joke, it was horrible one at that. Why feel the need to be a shit when someone is pregnant? What is it about when a woman is carrying a child that all of a sudden everyone turns 12 years old and makes the most crass and stupidest jokes in the book. I was not amused. If you saw that my face was expressionless, now you know why. People like you have me made me feel like the last 8 months have been an extreme burden to you. I will be EXTREMELY glad when I have the baby and I am away from this bad aura for a awhile.

In saying this, the people in my life that have made my pregnancy much easier are my family and my husband. Bless my parents for always asking if I am ok every day, for giving the baby a cute nickname, and for just being there and helping.

I love my husband for always telling me on how excited he is about this baby. And he means it. He is genuinely happy that this little one is coming soon, as am I. I would just wish that everyone can feel the same happiness that we feel, and unfortunately they cannot. For whatever reason.

To those people, I do hope that you find the happiness and calmness that you seek for. And when you do, trust that I will be there to say "I am happy for you" and mean it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The New Establishment

10 years ago, when I first met Brian's family, the majority of his cousins ranged from ages 14 - 2 years old. These kids were a cute bunch, and it was nice to see so many cousins playing with each other and hanging out. Most of my cousins live in Ecuador, so I never had a big group of cousins to be with at family parties.I have three that live here in the states. My memories of them are fond, but when I met Brian's family, I knew there was that little part of memories that could have been made that was missing.

Now that those cousins are in college, the new generation is slowly taking over. This group consists of the children of the cousins. Mainly, it is the three daughters of Brian's cousin, Jack and our niece Frances.

Almost everyone was over at my mother in law's yesterday for Labor Day, and it was nice to see us, the original young ones, now as the adults. While our kids now are the ones that are running around, playing, and calling for each other to play games.

It was a weird feeling for sure. When was I kicked out of the kid table come dinner time? When did I become the adult, with the husband, the kid and the SUV? Life moves too fast for sure. And here is my child, almost 4!! with another on the way. This is me??? The me who would listen to The Cure and write in her journal.
Here I am, a vision of my parents, now with a child of my own. It feels good. It feels very good.