Monday, August 25, 2008

Seven Months

"And they couldn't prevent Jack becoming happy." - The Who

This was the month of smiles. Smiles and laughs. Big belly laughs -maybe. Went to Kiddie land and the only ride that Jack was on was the ride along train -of course. Brian held him the whole time during that ride. Jack finally rolled on his back!! But then he couldn't do it again. Perhaps that was just a fluke accident.Two teeth on a baby is adorable. Getting bitten by a baby with growing teeth is not so cute. Ok, so maybe it is. Jack loves carrots, butternut squash with corn, applesauce, bananas, mixed fruit, peas,oatmeal and pears. Writing this made me realize we have made him try a lot of foods in the short one and a half months that he has been eating solids. A new house, his own room. That may be scary for a seven month old- yet he has the magic pillow.
Coming soon... the beginnings of the crawl, as Jack is already starting to. He is only doing the backwards crawl as this point. And the strains of Jack's first word. He moves his mouth but nothing comes out. He is unintentionally doing an impression of a fish out of water. But with this fish impression is the beginning of his first word - Dada.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New place , own room and cries in the night

We officialy moved into our new place July 26. A two bedroom with a yard in the back and I was feeling the first tinges of mommy attachments. Even though our rooms are a couple of feet away, the first night was a sleepless one for me. I would lie awake and torture myself while Jack slept soundly, I would just wait in the night for his cries. Then when he would cry, I actually breathed a tiny sigh of relief. Because I was going to be really mad if I wasted the whole night not sleeping. Of course, I would have no one to blame but myself.

Jack is having weird nights. Some nights he would wake up at 3 am and just cry. We would give him a bottle to get him back to sleep, until we were told not to. Since that would accustom him to always wake up and be hungry. So as hard as it was, we would let him cry until he fell asleep. It was the worst to hear your own child cry and I swear at one point Jack cried out "Don't you love me anymore?? Come here??" We would try to do the realzing sounds of the shhhhhhh but Jack would be screaming so loudly that he couldn't even hear our coaxings. After an hour, he would go back to sleep. Why he woke up? I have no idea. How he went to sleep? I won't even question but just let the boy sleep.

My theory for a good night sleep is play with him til he tires out, feed him well, and as soon as he starts rubbing his eyes, rush that boy to his crib

Monday, August 11, 2008

Courtesy laughs, new room and the magic pillow

So I must mention the magic pillow first, because this is amazing! NEW MOMS TAKE NOTE! My mother in law gave Jack this cute lullaby book with a plush toy star. Then she called it the "night night pillow" because it is scented with lavender. As soon as we gave Jack the pillow and he rubbed the pillow on his face, he immediately started to rub his eyes and it looked like he was about to collapse into sleep at that exact moment.Later that night, when we got home, Jack was extremely fussy when going to bed, so I gave him the pillow and - Ta da! sleep!

And the third time og when the magic pillow worked was when Jack started to wake up around 4:50 am and I gave him the pillow to hold and once again he drifted to sleep. Now I don't want to sound like a loon, but this pillow may have saved our lives and I need to preserve that scent as long as possible. I wonder what google would bring up if I typed "preserving scented pillows."

Jack now has this new laugh. He crinkles his face and nose and sticks his tongue out a bit and goes " Haugh!" It more sounds like a cough and sometimes our heads whip around to see if he is choking. But we see him with this crinkly face and he is trying really hard to come out with a laugh. I discovered that tickles make him laugh, as well as fake sneezes and hiccups. Although after awhile, if we keep on doing the fake sneezes and hiccups, Jack will look the other way and give us the courtesy laugh. That is where the "haugh" comes in.