Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ten Months

This is Jack's first photo. Such composition. I guess this is what happens when you are the son of two photographers.

Night of Halloween. Jack was exhausted.

And the changes keep coming. Jack now wakes up around 5 am. I think that it may have something to do with how two new teeth that are coming in. That makes 10 now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lullabye songs

Originally, when I was pregnant, I wanted to sway with my baby to classical music. Ahhh, so inspiring, so soft and soothing. Such is not the case. We can move to any song and he will get so excited that by the end of the second one is when he starts to drift and get sleepy.
One of our favorites -Echale Salsita
Echale Salsita - Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro

This was yesterdays songs;

Some song by this group, The good, The Bad And The Queen. They're British. The song sounds cool and is sung by the lead singer of Blur, this amazing band that I love. If you heard this song, it's not really the most soothing song to have a baby go to sleep, but who says that all babies like to be rocked to just slow music right? The Good, The Bad And The Queen - The Good, The Bad and The Queen

Next up was Lights by Journey. And I can see my sister go "Why????" But it was the song that was playing on the Drive 97.1. Then I started to find another station on the radio and couldn't figure it out cause apparently, I do not know who to work a large stereo system. All the preset stations vanished somehow and I said, well that's the end of dancing.
Lights - Journey & Arnel Pineda

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Concert

Inti Illimani is this great Chilean band that we have been going to their concert for many years. Yesterday they were in town so we all went. So they start playing their first song and it was a very sweet mellow guitar followed by a loud GONG!!! of the panflutes. My sister was holding Jack and my immediate thought was " Crap, that gong is going to scare him and now he'll start crying." I turned to look at him and expected to see his little face scrunched up. However his face was very serious and intent as he watched them. By the fourth song, he did the rub of the eyes and was getting sleepy. Thank God the concert was only 75 minutes long cause I don't know how long we could have delayed Jack's bedtime. Before we left,my dad did have one dance with him during a song and that was nice. All in all , Jack behaved well. Congrats Jack! You just experienced your first post concert ear ringing.
Ok so it wasn't that loud but I did wonder how sensitive babies ears are. Then I started to wonder if maybe he was too young to go to the concert. Then I started to wonder why the hell was Brian and my dad having a shot of tequila???? What has happened here?
Enjoy a couple of Jack's first concert music below.

Jack's First Word

Brian was trying to make Jack say Papa and as Brian walked away Jack crawled toward him and said "Papa?" as if he was about to ask him a question. We both looked at each other and tried to make Jack say it again but he didn't. He instead wanted to just look at us. Jack was talking a lot last night and all he was saying was "wah wah wah wah wah wah. "
Time to introduce that kid to the word "Mama". Then we will try to teach him " I want to go to Disney World. Grandpa can you take me there?" I am confident that Jack can say that by the end of next week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I know that it may be a be a little late, but here are some pics from Halloween. Jack was a hot dog and a very delicious looking one at that. The night was so overwhelming that he passed out around 7, which is a super early bedtime for him. But as soon as we got home, he woke up and didn't go to bed until 9 pm.
I will post up more pics as soon as my computer wills me to.

Since Jack was a hot dog, we were really excited to find his counterpart, the mustard.

It was a strange night that Halloween. The weather was gorgeous and was about 72 degrees. And a kid with a pumpkinhead walked among the streets.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The night Baby Jack turned into Little Boy Jack

I think that it is cute that everyone calls Jack "Baby Jack." It just became his official name since the day that he was born. However, he is slowly turning into the little boy that I have waited and dreaded for so long.

Wednesday night, my father in law was at our place and Brian was making dinner. I came home from work and as soon as Jack saw me come in, he had this look that said "Mommy!!!!" and started to cry. Emotions got the best of him that night. However, it wasn't the usual "weeehhhhhh" and a few whimpers. Jack let out some "aheh aheh aheh." It definitely didn't sound like my kid. At least not my kid that has been with us for the past nine months. I went over to him and he started to do more "aheh aheh aheh". Although I got that secret happy feeling that all my kid wants is mommy, my heart broke a bit that now here was this kid that is no longer a baby. He isn't a squirmy worm and doesn't want to cuddle when I rock him and give him his milk. Now he sits on my lap when I give him the milk.He will stop after 2 ozs of milk, jump on my lap for awhile, sing and then try to drink his milk again. All he wants to bounce and crawl and climb and chew. This is bad things. These are terrific moments that Jack brings to us. But I miss the times when he was a wee one, and we would sit on the couch together and he would sleep while I watched the Price is Right.

Ok thanks. I got that off my chest now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unto November

This is the kid that Jack is growing into, alert, curious and happy. Such a happy baby. Til we get him in the car seat and he starts to complain that he is confined to one seat.
He crawls like mad now. I am sort of missing the days when I place him on the bouncer and I talk to him while I make dinner. He can't stay still for one minute and who can blame him?? So may things that he wants to touch and so many places to explore now. I am going to relish these few moments that I have before the real chasing around begins. By the way - should he get a haircut?