Friday, February 15, 2013

The Animal Kingdom Photos

So here is a great tip for parents who are going to Disney World for the first time with two little kids. Leave the Animal Kingdom park for last. It's spacious, not a lot of rides so it is somewhat calming just to walk around. Lots of trees for shade. Safari rides and train rides that are long enough to just soak in whatever craziness you experienced over the last four days of your trip. We needed that sense of peace. Which is why we made Animal Kingdom our last park of our trip. It was easygoing, chilly in Florida standards so with a warm cup of coffee, we started our last day in Disney.

Were we by Mt. Everest? I liked to pretend that we were in the Himalayas just for a moment or two.

This was how Charlie got his naps on our trip. Either on the stroller or being held. 

Were we in Africa? Disney said yes. Charlie is in this stage where every animal is called "Doggie." He called out the giraffes, antelopes, lions, hippos all doggies. 

By the time this pic was taken, it was around 4 pm. The sun was casting a beautiful light on the animals. The boys were quiet and calm and I really did just sit on that safari jeep and soak in on what was an amazing trip for us. Plus I had a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar earlier so I was a happy girl.

The Epcot Photos

Chip and Dale were very friendly. Very huggy. They were one of the nicest characters that we met so far.

This was a great moment in Epcot. It was one of the hottest days when we were there. 86 degrees, a gorgeous wind that would blow every now and then.  Charlie was napping in his stroller and we decided to just park by a huge hill and just sit. Jack was running around the hill when he met a friend named Anna. They played together for a bit while Brian and myself just enjoyed our moment there, discussing on what ride to go on next. You know, typical Disney vacation talk.

 My favorite story of this trip - the boys met Princess Aurora. You see how they are posing? She told them to pose that way as "regal gentlemen." At the end, Brian told Jack  "alright, goodbye to Snow  White." The Princess looked at Brian and said "Princess Aurora." Corrected by a princess.

Sorry, this was the friendliest character we met. Jack's favorite, Mary Poppins. She was awesome. She chatted them up for a good 2 minutes. That is a long time when you met a Disney character. You see how Jack was holding her hand there? He stayed that way the whole time that they talked. She told him in the end to "be a good boy to your mum and dad and it was lovely to meet you." Followed by a warm hug and kiss on the hand to him. My heart flew in happiness for Jack. He was over the moon.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Hollywood Studios Photos

Pluto was trying to cheer Charlie up....

It wasn't working.

I was in Pixar heaven. I have been waiting to see this for soo long.

The Pixar street is too short and too narrow. Make it bigger Disney!

Waiting to meet his heros Buzz and Woody

A character lunch at Hollywood and Vine. It was a Disney Jr. character lunch so the  boys were in heaven.

Couldn't get enough of the characters dancing and singing

Jack showing his friends where the ducks were hiding.

Brian and his best friend, Bill Cosby

Pixar parade was about to start.

The parade song was stuck in my head the whole day and next. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Magic Kingdom Photos

Standing in line at the resort, ready to go to Magic Kingdom.

My heart leapt when I saw this sign and Jack watching it.

First character meet! -with Piglet

A lovely family photo.

Jack took this photo. Notice the happy expression on Pooh's face.

Meeting Buzz!!

My son the daredevil and loving the Astro Orbiter

The new Fantasyland looks beautiful, especially the whole Belle's village aspect. It was at this point that I couldn't believe our unbelievable luck that we were there.

Another roller coaster that Jack went on.

Every kid gets a "1st visit" button to Disney. I thought with it we would have gotten some free drinks or whatnot. We didn't.

The Disney Vacation 2013

Do you know what it feels like to meet an idol? A hero? One that you have watched on TV over and over again? And then your parents tell you that you are going to meet said hero?
I would have loved to have been in the mind of Jack  and just listen to his inner thoughts as he met Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mary Poppins.He would stand there and be in awe of every character that he met. All in all, he was the perfect gentleman when he met them. My mind will forever go to that moment of how Jack walked around the Disney parks. He didn't just walk around - he skipped. Because he was that happy. That, I will never forget.