Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Weaning

My little guy will be turning 18 months in May. A year and a half already! So in this time of reflection of where has the time gone, I decided to wean him officially. No more nursing when I come home from work, no more nursing him to sleep, no more nursing when he feels upset. 
I haven't gotten bitten every time I did nurse, contrary to what people think. He would bite occasionally just for fun. I say that in the most honest way, since after I gotten bitten, I would say "OUCH!!" 
He would just giggle and laugh, like getting biting your mom's breast was a good thing??!! No way man. 

With this and other reasons, the time has come to stop. He doesn't really need it for nutritional value anymore. He gets plenty of that from the fruits and veggies he eats every day.  He really nurses as a habit now and I am here to stop the habit. Sounds harsh but I feel so bad for my first born to say 
"Hi, I missed you but I will be with you in about 10 minutes as your brother wants to be nursed." My poor Jack. The weaning has been hard for the first 3- 4 days, but now he really doesn't ask for nursing when I come home. At night he still does, but doesn't put up as much of a fuss as he did before. 
I will miss it though. I will the little moments of myself coming home from work and just relaxing on the sofa while I nursed. I will miss the moments of him playing with my hair. I will miss watching him drift to sleep. I will miss the way he cuddled his little head against my chest, as that was his way of telling me that he wanted to nurse. 
An alright, you got me. He has been waking up at 5:45 in the morning and in the hopes to get him back to sleep, I nurse him in the morning. Baby steps, and not cold turkey nursing is the way to go. I swear, I will stop the morning nursing too. Just any day now.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Sentimental Mess That Is Myself

I have talked time and time again on how I get mushy over the littlest details of any Pixar movie. Really, how can you not, with the tiny fin holding the tiny Nemo egg in Finding Nemo to the final goodbye scene in Toy Story 3. I am getting choked up right now typing this, no joke.
But I need to strengthen up, be a strong mom! How can I be the strong mom when my kid comes to me in tears? Just seeing that my kids are upset for some reason breaks me in two, as I always want them to have the best and brightest memories ever. Not possible, I know, but I think my sentimental meter gets another notch or two every time we see a Disney movie.
I know there are a lot of you out there that when you read this, you will be nodding your head and saying "Exactly!! This is why I cry too at this part!" At least I hope you will so I am not alone in this.

1. Toy Story 3 Final Goodbye Scene
Two special thanks for this scene.
1. Special thanks to the director of this movie, Lee Unkrich, for turning around a very dismal scene in which the toys were almost burnt to a crisp to the most bittersweet scene in which the toys get a new life with the little girl Bonnie.
2. An uber thanks to Randy Newman, for creating a sweet heart wrenching soundtrack to this final scene. Every violin made me cry a bit more.

2. Lion King
I remember getting a bit sad when I saw this movie many years ago, but now it has increased ten fold with having kids. Simba loses his dad, and right after the big speech of how the great kings look after Simba and his dad via the stars?? It reminds me of how my dad uses beautiful analogies to explain life, and seeing Simba and Mufasa is like seeing Jack and Brian. The whole father-son aspect tugs my heartstrings ever more so now that I have sons.

3.Disney 50  Animated Movies
Just search this video up. It shows clips of every animated Disney movie. The tearjerker in this one for me is the song that they use for this clip, called Dreams. "You, you're in my dreams."
Once again relating this to my sons. The bonus is to see Jack get excited over every Disney movie in this clip that I loved as a child. Sentimental value galore.

4. Tangled Paper Lanterns
This cute little scene where Rapunzel finally sees the lanterns for the first time. Plus the scene right before it is killer  -the king and queen cry silently since they are still releasing the lanterns yet their daughter is not found. My husband recognized that it was nice that there was no dialog in that scene, just actions. I think Disney secretly did that so it would give everyone a chance to wipe their eyes from crying.

5. Up- Carl and Ellie
The moment where she holds his hand as they are reading just because. The setting up the nursery. The moment in the hospital. Enough said.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Ultimate Star Wars Fan

No, I am not talking about myself here. Yes, I am the ultimate Star Wars fan. I can watch the movies over and over again and not get sick of it. I did say "WHAATTTTT???" when I heard that a new Star Wars movie was being created, but already was making plans of who would I take with to see it opening night. I did meet an Ewok when I was 6 in Puerto Rico of all places and was a super happy girl that day. I didn't even see Return of the Jedi but I knew meeting an Ewok was a life changing event.

Jack is now the super ultimate Star Wars fan.

I mentioned Star Wars to Jack a couple of times when he was younger, around the 4ish age. It didn't really click in when one day he just asked to watch it. He did and he was hooked. Now, I do have to admit that as we watched it, I would comment and say " Isn't that ship cool? " I would also make sure to point out who was who and what the exact plot was. He loves everything about it, the lightsabers, the sound of the lighsabers, the huge battle scene of Darth and Luke in Empire Strikes Back. He sounds a lot like me when I was his age. I never had anyone tell me how cool this movie was. I just fell in love with this movie by my own. 
Jack loves playing the Darth battle scene with me and for some reason, I am always the one with my hand getting chopped off. Then he takes it a step further and starts chopping off my other hand, my arms, my legs, finally my whole half of my body. Let me inform you that all this chopping off doesn't happen in any of the movies, just hands. Jack likes to intensify the battle scene on his own.

Wait - Anakin gets his whole body chopped off in Revenge of the Sith. Stop!! Nerd alert!! Back to Jack........

I am happy that he found this as his go to movie. He will still watch his Pixar movies from time to time, but Star Wars has taken a bit leap forward over Toy Story and Ratatouille. With the help of his cousin, Jack is "borrowing" a Darth Vader doll to play with his new Clone Trooper that he got for Easter. The job for Mama and Papa now is to find a Darth Vader doll for Jack to own. 

For anyone that says Star Wars is too much for a kid blah blah, let it be known that in the beginning credits, Jack reads the whole intro story. This kid is learning to read as he watches the movie! A win win.

The Clothes Giveaway

We saved every shirt, short, onesie, pant, sweater, jacket, shoes even first time underwear that Jack owned when he was little.
We were ecstatic when we found out Charlie was a boy, now we don't ever have to buy clothes for the second kid. EVER!! Any new clothes that we buy is just for Jack . For Charlie, it is hand me downs from now on. It was great for me because I got to re-live all the cute little onesies for Charlie. My favorite was this blue onesie from Carters. It had a simple "Woof" on it with a picture of a dog. Another favorite one was a light blue onesie that just had little designs of dogs, doghouses, bones and paw prints all over. I loved that onesie and I loved seeing my boys wear them. I love the Carters brand too. Any design they place on t-shirts or onesies just makes you want to buy 100 of them, just so when your kids wear them, people can go, OH how adorable!!! Then they would ohh and ahh over your kid and you would think to yourself " They are in love because 1. my kids are beautiful and 2. the clothes they wear are adorable. Thanks Carters!

My little Charlie is growing up so fast now. He is quickly outgrowing the old baby clothes and my heart tears just a bit when there is a certain item of clothing that I have to put away because now Charlie doesn't fit into it. A friend of mine had a boy recently and although I am super happy to give the boy's clothes over to her, it also makes me a bit sad that giving away those clothes means a little bit of their baby life is soon ending. No more little doggie onsies. Charlie is now getting into the 2T phase!!! Which means that he will soon start wearing the tshirts that Jack wore of Buzz and Woody and Thomas the Tank Engine. Where did that time go of my little baby wearing sweet PJ's with little duck faces or rattles? Silly isn't it? Getting sentimental over a tshirt or pants? Maybe it's not the tshirt per se, but really the memory of being the new mom and holding your little son for hours without doing much. Those days were nice.
I am reminded every day of how Charlie is a big kid, especially with the 10 teeth that are coming in right now. He also lets us know that he is a big kid by climbing up the sofa, somewhat attempting to jump off the sofa because he sees his big brother do it and drinking from a cup as the adults do. I can't complain too much, because for every moment that I wish I can relive from their infanthood, I now have moments where both of my kids say " Mama" ever so sweetly.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Original Trio

Here is the original trio of grandkids from the Morowczynski side of the family- from left to right, Frannie, Charlie and Jack.

My sister in law just had her little twins on March 20, thus making them #4 and #5 in the family.

I love that in this little trio, they each have their own special title.

Frannie - the first granddaughter into the family.

Charlie - was the baby of the family for about 17 months before the little twins came on board. Now Charlie is the middle grandchild. Hey Charlie, middle children unite! You and I hold a special title together.

Jack - the first grandchild, the first grandson into the family and is the quiet and strong leader of the pack.