Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jack and the Fake Laugh

I have no idea why, but randomly, Jack will try to force out these giant and great laughs. Which makes me crack up and then he will start to laugh for real. This was in the car coming home from the zoo on Sunday.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

In March...

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a great month

It's a historic month for you Jack. Health care reform is about to embark. You can say "Ratatouille." Your dad had a birthday. Your grandpa is feeling a lot better. Don't worry, you two will play the Claw soon enough. And you made cookies with your mom for the first time last week. All and all, a good March in 2010.

How about this?

Jack and his cousin Frances, waiting for their day to start. Yes, he is about to give her a sweet kiss on the forehead.

"How about this one?" That is the latest in the Jack sentences. Now, when he wants to watch something or eat something that he likes, he will say "Welll, how about this one?"

I don't know if myself or if Brian has ever said that in the house, so I am very curious to see where he picked that one up. He is repeating every single word that we say and every sentence that we say. Sometimes, when I am talking to him, I will say something like "Maybe, maybe nooooot." But in a sing song voice. Jack will immediately imitate with the same sing song voice.

Jack also has this new move called the Jump Spin. Where he jumps and spins in one place. YES!!!

I wonder what he thinks about when he does stunts like that. Could that be called a stunt? I have to say that it is pretty impressive for a two year old to jump a couple of inches off the ground. And then spin, as if he was gymnast in the sky. This kid is destined for great things.
I encourage him to do more, then when he notices that more than one person is looking at him, he stops at what he is doing and walks away. Perhaps he is not meant to be an actor. On the stage at least.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How about an update here?

I am so sorry that I haven’t been the greatest in updating the blog. Jack, you deserve a lot better than just a measly 8-9 posts for 2010. We’re almost in April!!! So here is what has been going on:

* Jack speaks in sentences now. And my favorite response to that is “I don’t like it.” I don’t like that our little guy now says “How does it do that? “ or “ I really like Thomas and Friends.”
He is little Jack. Baby Jack. It is a bit sad for me to see my other friends who have little babies and they get excited about the first roll over, or the first taste of cereal. I feel like it has been 10 years since Brian and I went through that phase. I try to remember what Jack’s sounds were like when he was 8 months. It is getting harder to remember exactly. I was hoping that I would have the memory of an elephant and remember every coo, gurgle and sigh. *sigh* I don’t.
Yes, life does move incredibly fast. So much more faster since we are both working parents. I feel that we only get to experience any new thing that Jack does for just a few minutes. And those few minutes would be after dinner cause then Jack goes to bed. Slow down life, Jack is only two.

* The no TV project somewhat has failed. However, I have been getting stronger (somewhat) every day about restricting his TV. He still does get his library treat every Saturday. Every Saturday, we go to the Elmwood Park library, hang out, read some books and pick out which DVD to rent. A new DVD to watch. Awesome. Sometimes Jack thinks that we are getting about 5 movies. Not so fast bud. I think we are quickly getting to that point where Jack has rented almost all the Thomas DVD’s. Time to get a new obsession. Classic Disney movies perhaps? Ok!

*There was one night where we were having family night at my nother in law's, and Jack was not in the greatest of moods. I attributed that to the fact that our niece, Frances, was there and everyone oohed and aahed over her. And why not? It's a baby!! Who has that baby smell.

For some reason, Jack was just giving one pouty face after another. Followed by a lot of No's. It got to be so much that I told Brian, you take care of him, and went upstairs and cried silently.For a bit. All these things came to my mind, Will he be like this forever? Will he never like his baby cousin? What if we have another kid? Will he be Mr. Pouty forever? I was about to ask myself 10 more questions when my mind said “Alright, stop. It's just one bad night. It is not the end of the world."

There is a happy ending to this story. That day was just a one off. Since then, Jack has been nothing but the most affectionate cousin to Frances. He gives her lots of hugs, kisses and shares stories with her that only kids 2 and under would understand. It is the best feeling in the world as a parent to watch your child slowly become this little person with such a loving nature. Does this mean we are ready for child # 2? If time says so, then yes.