Monday, October 31, 2011

The Day Off

Thank you work for giving me a birthday day off and giving me an opportunity to spend it with my family.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Countdown

Three weeks to go in this pregnancy. Besides the obvious of wanting to meet the little one, I am just anxious to run around again, and be active with my son.
It hurts me so much to say to Jack over and over again, Sorry Mami can't run with you. I am so tired Jack.
It didn's help that yesterday Jack asked both my husband and I to run around like crazy nuts, only to hear from both of us, we are so tired. Well, I guess my husband could have run around with him, but he already did almost an hour and a half's worth at the park, so naturally he was exhausted as well.
Where does Jack get his energy? Sheesh, four year olds are a wonder.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Halloween Costume

Jack is wanting to be Diesel, the character from Thomas and Friends, for Halloween this year.

This broke me a bit since earlier this year , I was able to find a Buzz Lightyear costume for $2 and I thought I was set for life. I was realy happy that we wouldn't have to scramble at the last minute for a costume, or figure out to how make one and with what materials. Now , Jack has his opinion and became the "I want to be Diesel and be an engine for Halloween" kid.

We do have a Thomas the tank Engine costume and when I mentioned that to Jack, he said, that is not Diesel.

So now, I feel like we do have to scramble to figure out a way to make the costume, paint it black, make the face believable, and make it somewhat wearable for Jack to wear at least two hours while we trick or treat.
And here comes the questions - what kind of paint do you use to paint a cardboard box ? Because this train is being made from a box and I think that just drawing on the box and pretending it is Diesel isn't good enough.

I mentioned to my husband today that we have to figure out how to make this costume and I get an "urhg" from him. " We should make this a fun task right? We shouldn't go "urgh" and what?" if our child wanted to a different costume.
I remember my dad making my sister and I some cat tails and cat ears for Halloween once. I never heard an urhg from him and it turned out to be the cutest costume I had. Of all the ones that I had for Halloween, that was the one that stuck the most.
So here's to you Jack, I will make the train for you and will try to make it the best ever.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Baby Test

Our friends recently had a baby so we went to go meet the little one this past Saturday.

When I first told Jack that they had the baby, he gave me a stone cold look. Half " I don't believe you" and half" what did you just say?"

He hasn't really been around little little infants too much, and when he does hang around kids younger than him, he will play with them for a bit but then search for the older kids. Like myself and my husband. I wondered how he would act , would he be quiet, try to ask for our attention a lot while we cooed over the baby? How would I act towards Jack while holding the baby?

Turns out everything turned out splendid. Jack saw her, and just stared. DIdn't say much but when he saw that we were all sitting down, he jumped and said, I want to read some books to the baby.

That melted my heart. When he reads he is a quiet reader, he makes up his own stories and kind of looks around to see who is looking at him. While he read the stories, he was looking at her. Plus I think that he liked looking at books that he hasn't seen at all. He did fancy one book that was about trains, and my mind quickly went to a thought as Jack would read his Thomas books to his brother or sister in the future.
After the book reading, was the playtime. He took out a little stuffed lamb and a camera, and said" I want to give these toys to the baby."

All in all, he was very happy to be next to her. The initiative that he took to read to her was most surprising and was a relief to my husband and I. We think he may be alright with the new baby on board that is coming soon.
At one point, the baby sneezed and that gave Jack a huge laugh. I think that will the be the part that Jack will love the most about his brother or sister, the baby noises and the ability to laugh.
5 more weeks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The September Fall Festival

A true midwestern photo - burnt corn on the cob, but loving every minute of it.

The Homecoming

Last week, Jack's old sitter called Brian and wanted to know if we would like to come over for dinner ? Sure! It was a nice gesture. I was hoping that some of the parents that we used to hang with would be there, just so Jack can have a mini homecoming with his old pals.

His sitter also told us that her daughter has been incessantly asking for Jack for awhile since she misses him. I thought that was nice, and of course she misses him. He is too cute to be forgotten.

We got there last Friday and this little girl had the look of love as soon as she saw him. She was starstruck and it was funny to see at first. I have never seen such a case of puppy love, and it was being directed toward our son! And of course when we got there, he was pulling his " I'm so tired, I'm cranky, leave me alone" routine. And ON TOP of that, he thought that he was being left at the sitter's and thought Brian and I were going somewhere without him. All this just had him in a bad mood so he clung to me for the first 10 minutes we were there.
As I held him, the little girl never left our side and she stared at him as if he were a movie star. Finally he broke out of his funk and went to play with the train table downstairs. The starstruck fan followed him down there and watched as he played.

Then , all of a sudden, she said " Jack? Jaaaacccckkk??? I like you. I really like you. I love you Jack." With all the confidence and maturity of a 16 year old.

This threw me for a loop. It wasn't til she started blowing kisses at him and looked at me devilishly, well not so much a devil as just a very flirty girl, that I wanted to throw my arms around Jack and get the heck out of there. They are only 3! A couple months shy of turning 4 but is this what the preschool ages are? Love and kisses? What? I was so confused that all I could think of was to tell Jack to say thank you to her. He quickly looked up, said thanks, and went back to Thomas and Friends.

I went upstairs to tell the story and the girl's mom said" oh yeah, Jack is her boyfriend." She said so matter of factly like I was supposed to accept this and move on. Well ;

1. I think that Jack doesn't have to have a girlfriend right now. Too young to have one
2. I don't want him to be with a girl who so openly expresses her love and is ready to throw her arms around him
3. I am just not ready for this stuff period.

We all agreed to see each other again. I am curious to see what the little girl's next moves will be.