Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Second Christmas

Things couldn't have been greater. Or nicer. I say nice cause that was just what this Christmas was. Christmas Eve is always with my family, with a huge roasted pork called "lechon" as the main dish. I was good and didn't have as much as I would have had in the previous years. Why do we gorge so much over the holidays? Oh because my mom's cooking is fantastic.
Jack has been the picky eater lately and even though my mom made some kicking rice, he was not having any of it. I think the black beans scared him off and in fact that was the case since as soon as Jack put a spoonful of rice in his mouth, he immediately went "puft, puft, puft" and spitted out everything.

I thought we were past that stage.

He did understand the concept of presents this year. He knew that he had to rip paper to get to a certain gift, but he did not understand that he would get numerous presents. Everytime we presented him with a new gift, he had a look of confusion, as in " I just got this new toy. You want me to have another one?" He very much enjoys his big score from Santa, the huge train table complete with a helicopter pad, airplane and a working crane. He has destroyed the train layout that was set on the table, so now Brian and I have to figure out how to make 30 + of train tracks look like an enjoyable train layout. Good luck to us.

Let's hear it for 2010 - Jack turns two, our perhaps first trip on a plane (yikes!) and looking forward to the first sunny , warm day.
Pics to come soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Official Family Portrait

Being the son of two photographers, Jack doesn't really have a lot of photos where he is with both parents. It is usually just Jack and myself or Jack and Brian. Sad huh?

Enter Rob Hart. A great photographer, a friend of Brian and one who understands on how to shoot with a rookie spirit. Thanks Rob, you have become our official photographer.

Copyright © Rob Hart Photography

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Breakfast

We went to a Breakfast with Santa on December 12. It was at the hotel that my mom works at so it was the perfect opportunity for her to show off her grandchildren to her co- workers. I thought that while my mom was with the kids, I can sit back, relax and enjoy an endless supply of coffee and breakfast items. Little did I know that Jack had other plans for me.

As soon as we arrived, he saw the huge empy hallway that was right outside the banquet hall. He just wanted to run around the whole time and tried to go down the escalator a few times. Nice try Jack, but you are just a wee bit small for that one.

He is definitely going through an "Only Mama" stage. My dream of just sitting there drinking coffee quickly vanished. My mom's dream of carrying him around somewhat dissipated. Whenever Jack realized I was not with him, he quickly went Mama! Mama! and his little outstretched hand was reaching for me. Awww, cute right. It is, but it always happens at that moment when you sit down and you go "Ahhh, finally and then the Mama mamas come out again.

He was not impressed with Santa. He did like that Santa was giving away books, so Jack scored a fire engine book. Thanks Santa.

It was great to have Jack's cousin Nathalie there as well. The two of them just ran around the hallway for awhile. Nati is 11 and she is in that great stage of she's not really a teenager but she is old enough to take care of Jack but be his playmate at the same time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Talk

The words, the babbles, the thought processes...all while we are trying to give Jack his dinner.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Trip Around the Christmas Tree

Probably one of the best ideas that Brian has had yet...and please stick around for the very end of this video. It is worth it.
Love, The Morowczynski's

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sacrafices

While this blog has been mostly a glowing one, I mean even when I wrote about Jack's teething experiences, it didn't sound that bad, I realize that I have not written enough on what Brian and I go through ourselves.

I still hate that I have to work every day. Lottery, when will you come into my life? Our mornings are very hectic in that both Brian and I are running around getting dressed, trying to get some breakfast in our mouths, while we try to change Jack and give him at least a cup of milk before he goes to the specific daycare of the day -whether it's my parents or Miss Ronna. It's a horrible feeling that I have to give my son a quick hello and kiss before I leave for work. Perhaps I am still too new of a parent to shake that guilty feeling away. That guilty feeling of leaving.
My son wants to be with his parents when he wakes up. He wants to play with them, yet they take him somewhere and they leave for the next 9 hours. This sounds very dramatic to some, but as a new parent, there is no better feeling in the world than to be loved and wanted as soon as your child opens their eyes. Now that Jack has been waking up later and later, that is great for the weekends. But for our workday mornings, it sucks. Plain sucks. Sometimes I did not get my Jack morning kiss. And I curse work for the whole day. I am thankful for having work. I am not thankful that it stinks to work. The double edged sword.

With that said, new choices are always coming for Brian for work. He sometimes is faced with the dilemma of how much work is too much. For a photographer running your own business, there is no such thing as too much. In fact, Brian has been having a great year in regards to acquiring new clients and keeping current clients. But there are also choices of working all weekend, working nights and leaving his family to spend the whole day without him. I always tell him that it is ok - Brian is not only working for himself , and working for his family. There is no argument there. Although I would love it if Brian was with us every weekend and every night, there is a great benefit for him to work that much.

As parents, we all do what we can for each other. Brian and I are learning this every day. I think that as working parents, we know what is truly important and there are things that we do not take for granted. We don't need gifts to tell each other we love each other. That hug and kiss will do just fine. Even if it is for a quick second and then we dash out the door.