Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Games

1.Jack is at that stage where if when he tries to do something his way, he will try about 4 times to get it right. Then the toy goes flying up in the air after about the 5th time. That is because Jack will throw the toy in frustration. Even though I do not consider this a game, this is something new that he does. My first thought is to say "HEY!" at him, but my softer voice comes out instead. It's my theory that in talking to him in a softer voice, it will produce a more softer character within the child. I will let you know within a couple of months if this rings true. If so, then I am writing a book.

2. Brian and I have been a bit obsessed with this show The Wire. If you are not familiar with it, it's basically a cops and gangster show about street life and how the cops attempt to get their business on a wire. Yesterday, Jack looked at me and placed his hand on his ear, mimicking a telephone. I asked him "Do you want to play The Wire?" and he laughed. So we both played telephone with me saying" Hello Jack, are you on the corner? Eastbound." Then Jack will quickly hang up the phone. Proving that this game works, cause you don't want to be on the line for too long, cause you are on the wire after all.

3.Jack can now point to his eyes, ears, and mouth. A bonus is that if you ask him in Spanish, he also understands where his eyes, ears and mouth is.

A new Spanish word for Jack is "si". I asked him today if he wanted to go to the park and responded "Si". What a great feeling that is.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doing that thing he loves best

1. Jack has such a loving nature. Now, when we read him a book, he will come over and sit on our lap. And now, he actually pays attention to what you are reading to him, rather than him just flipping the pages over and over quickly. Oh, and he will bring the book over to you if he wants you to read to him. My heart melts...

2. He gives kisses out of the blue.If I am putting on his sweater, he will give me a kiss. If Brian is putting him in the highchair, he will give him a kiss. He is such the kissing machine.

3. Words that he says - Mama, Dada, bubbles, gato, ballons,leche, baby.If you ask him what his name is -he will say "Ack" he doesn't have the "j" sound down quite yet.

The following photos are from a day that while I was watering the yard, Jack proceeded to do the following.