Monday, June 23, 2008

Five months

Jack's first "Mooooommmmm" photo.

Time is flying by so fast. And just now Jack is getting the hang of the pacifier. He has not eaten cereal yet, but this is the month when he will start. Say goodbye to Level 2 diapers. And say hello to 6 -9 month clothes!!! Rolls over in less than two seconds. Loves the game Superman. We think that he may be close to just walking, since he doesn't like to be held anymore. The teething cries are less, but that may come back once the little tooth actually starts coming out. He has let go of the breast feeding and will only take milk from the bottle. Well, there goes my worries of a two year old still wanting breast milk. First Father's day, first trip to the pool, and his first taste of summer humidity. First words were spoken - "I love you" and "Da".

Next up, trying to get him to say "Ma".

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dad's day

It was nice to see Brian in his first father's day. I kept saying Happy Father's Day to him all week leading up to Sunday. He kept saying "It's not Father's day yet" but I think he secretly liked hearing it all the time.

I imagined that I was going to make this grand breakfast for him, as he did for me on Mom's day. The night before, I was at a wedding with his mom, and in the flurry of trying to gather all of Jack's items, I forgot the most important item -the house keys. I realized that I did not have them til 10 minutes before we arrived at my place. I had to spend the night at my mother in law's. Brian was shooting a wedding that night and was going to go home. He would then met up with us at his mom's on Sunday. So much for the grand breakfast.

Jack did however master the art of rolling over. Just in time for father's day. Once he is on his tummy, he does this "hmpf" sound right before he starts to cry. He doesn't like being on his tummy for too long so our next grand task to to teach him how to roll back on his back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leave him for ten minutes????

Just to remind everyone of what Jack looks like when he is sad, here it is. In fact he is the master of the pouty face and I am the queen of picking him right up when he gets upset. Trouble ahead????
For some reason, Jack woke up around 9 pm and would not go back to sleep. He was crying in his crib and Brian suggested that we leave him there and let him cry it out. I felt like he was asking me to eat worms as that is something that I don't want to do. We let him cry it out but every wah gave my throat another tug. I tried to concentrate on "Frasier" and his antics, but all I could think about was how upset our son was, and how much I just wanted to pick him up and soothe him so he can sleep peacefully, not with despair. I couldn't do it and at minute 5, I went right in and picked him up. You know when you cry so much that after awhile, you are trying to catch your breath? That is what he was doing. And I wanted to cry just cause I felt sooooooooo bad as a mom. I know that doing this is not the worst thing a mom has done, but I hated every minute of it.
The biggest test will be tonight. If he is cranky in bed, we will keep him there and we will see how that goes.
: (

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pool time and Jack's new friend

It was a sticky humid day in Chicago on Saturday June 7. With Brian on assigment and Jack now knowing that being in the house all day sucks, we went for our first pool adventure.
First , we must buy some Huggies Swimmers.

Which in Huggies world, they must believe that babies under one years old do not go to the pool at all. There were no Huggies for Jack for his age, so I bought the ones that are for kids who are 24 lbs. I felt kind of bad for Jack as I imagined the diapers would come up to his chin. Plus on the package, the babies looked like they were three years old and seemed have the ability to run around. My son has the ability of placing his teething ring in his mouth.

The diapers fit ok and we were set to go in. Jack has only been getting used to baths for the past month only, so I was a little weary of dipping his feet in the water. Like a champ, he just stared at it. And then stared at all the other kids running around in the water. He was actually looking at them like they were nuts cause his little brow was constantly knitted. He was studying everything; the water, the kids, the parents holding the kids, the water that we sat in. I tried to do the "Weeeeeee" and place his feet up and down the water. No excited reaction but no bad reaction. Oh well. We spent a good two hours before it was time to go home. And yes, he did have sunscreen on and a hat and we were in the shade. I am a protective mommy.

With that incredble adventure came another one. I wore a bikini for the first time. Four and half months after giving birth and I am nowhere near supermodel looking. But I don't think that I look that bad either which gave me somewhat the courage to wear a two piece. However, I think that I may have to pay a visit to Target to get those tankinis. I really don't care if I have a tan stomach or not. So long as my legs are bronzed, as the fashion magazines would say.

Even though I don't want to expose Jack to much TV if any at all, there are times when he does watch. Good Morning America is a good one. I think he likes Diane Sawyer as he watches intently whenever she is one. Finding Nemo was on Saturday and as we watched it, he did react to a couple of scenes. The sharks were a bit scary but when the previews were on for Wall- E , the new Pixar movie, was when Jack went nuts. He kept talking to Wall- E and would say "oooh ooh ooh" as if he was saying "Hey Wall-E!!! I'm over here!!!"

Nothing like a computer animated robot to stir up a 4 month old's mind.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jack's first phrase

I can't say that this is his first word, since I think his first word is "Hey".
But last night, inspired by what has said "your baby will start mimicking your sounds and words", that I said "I love you" to Jack.

He says back " I love you."

Ok so it wasn't clearly I love you and it more sounded like " I rrro ggsho" but still. I kept looking at Brian and wanted to scream really loud. And the best part was that he kept saying it over and over and over again.
I love being a job ever.

welcome to summer Jack!

With this horrible humidity that has come upon us, there is one more person in Chicago that is not digging this heat.
That would be Jack Morowczynski.
I have never seen a little baby with so much beads of sweat on their little forehead. My mom says that because he is a little on the "big side", that he is prone to sweat a whole lot more, even if he is a baby. So don't forget to baby powder him!!! She says. That will suck up any moist arms or legs.

I thought that taking a walk last night would make Jack fall asleep fast. With the warm air and being strolled around, it was a sure bet. Wrong! At 8:30 Jack was still awake, and looked like he was nowhere near sleep. He finally went to bed at 9:30, after 20 minutes of crying and fussing. That is his new thing, to cry out loud to wake up all of Oak Park before he goes to sleep. Perhaps I need to start reading this book that my friend gave me called" Happy baby, healthy sleep habits." I wonder if there is a chapter on extreme screams.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Where's the hair?

His hair has been falling out lately. I look at the picture of when Jack was two days old and he had such a full head of dark hair. Now with his hair growing out, he looks like he has a comb over. One side of the hair has a bit more than the other side. Before you start saying where is the rogaine for babies. don't worry. His dark hair is being replaced by hair that is lighter. We still have no idea on what color his eyes are. The waitress at Tony's chinese restaurant said that his eyes are beautiful. Thanks!!

He also had his official laugh. Once at the doctors office. Brian brushed his beard against Jack's face and a full giggle came out. The other time was on Saturday morning. At 6 am , Jack was on our bed, Brian was sleeping and I sleepily was throwing Jack's blanket up in the air. When I heard some heheeheheh, I looked up and saw the biggest smile on his face. I was too sleepy to say YAY!!!!! so I just looked at Jack and tried to get the laughs out again. He didn't and since then we have not heard the laughs. I am going to practice standing on my head tonight to see if that works.