Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My first thought was - Jack is at a perfect age right now where he can enjoy a ride and we can enjoy ourselves in an amusement park. My second thought was- Wait, is Jack old enough to go on these rides? Will he fly off the ride?
We got there right around the time that Jack was coming up on his nap. While we waited in line for the second ride, his head lay on my shoulder and Brian and I looked at each other. This boy was ready for some sleep. A ride on the Flying Elephants later, Jack took a great two hour nap. Which allowed us big kids to go on some rides ourselves.
Yes, Jack is old enough to go on the rides. And he is old enough to know that when the ride was over, that meant that you had to get out. And he did not like that. At one point, as soon as the car that he was riding on stopped, his smile turned into a very angry frown. How do you explain to a one year old that rides are not forever?

This ride was called the Roto Whirl and I felt that I was about to fly off, much less hold unto my son.

Jack's reaction when the ride was over. This happened again and again and again.

No time for smiles here. We have a race to finish.

Jack and his best friend, cousin Nathalie.

Jack and Brian on the Kiddieland Train.

My sis Maria and Nathalie.

Brian and I enjoying some quality time together.

all photos by Brian Morowczynski -proud dad.