Friday, March 9, 2012

The Fourth Month

This little babe is something else. He's getting a little more vocal and will really let you know now if he is not happy. We are guessing the teeth are coming in, because usually Charlie is a great ,calm and relaxed baby. Just look at that face! What an adorable set of cheeks this kid has. Jack was the same way. Those cheeks literally stops everyone in their tracks and people just have to come over and comment on how adorable he is, how cute he is. Jack got the same attention when he was a baby.
And in the grand tradition of jinxes, I will never reveal in this blog Charlie's sleeping habits. Once you say it , you put it out in the universe ( what a  great line. ) So no revelations here.

The MSI Trip

The Fourth Birthday

A family portrait that Jack took.

I started this post by saying the 3rd birthday.  My mistake, my little Jack is 4 years old now. Wow. And he certainly acts like it. The big kid who wants to do everything himself, but at night still wants either myself or Brian to stay in the bed with him til he drifts to sleep. Now what he likes to do is hold my hand as he falls asleep. A memory like that will keep me going forever. To my big boy, I love you Jack.

The Talking

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Right to Pump

Imagine my surprise when I came back from maternity leave to see that my work has created a "lactation station" as they so lovingly call it. A room just for us new mommies, to pump. It has come complete with a really nice leather chair, a sink and nicely painted walls and carpet. I thought it was excellent and thought Finally, now these people understand the importance of pumping at work. I didn't have to do it in a bathroom as other women have done it before. I didn't have to scrounge around to see if there was an available office to pump in. I have this room all to myself, and felt happy that all the hurtful comments that my coworkers said to me while I was pregnant was in the past.

Now imagine my surprise that people still act like 12 year olds whenever they pass the "Mother's room." I have heard it being called the boob room, the moo room ( because we moms have milk like cows. Funny right?) I have heard one person say " Be careful cause there is boob juice in there. "
Which is when I finally said " You know, that is not right and just mean. If that room scares you, don't go in there.Geez."
I gave my huffy look and stormed out the room.
I am so glad that I work somewhere in that people act like they accept women having babies and being pregnant, but then act like it is a curse for them. Because I was gone for three months, they couldn't get along with my replacement. It was hell for them! Because a sales manager has a baby and is gone for three months, now we won't make our budget! We will be short on our forecast! And all because that girl had to have a baby!!
I am so glad that I work somewhere where I have to find time to do my work and pump, but because I am pumping  2 or 3 x's a day, my work may not be done in one day. I am glad that people see that as a flaw somewhat.

Really, be accepting of anyone that has a baby. Do not treat them as though they had leprosy and have come back after being treated for it. Do not discredit them for bringing a new life into this world, and now has to provide for that new life by pumping. It's human nature. I thought you understood.

I am a woman who works really extremely hard to put her place in this workfield, does extra work, makes commentary during the important meetings just to show that I am really doing this job right. And then I come home to try to tend to two wonderful boys , one who needs me for cuddle time and milk , and one who needs me for cuddle time and talk. I am tired and exhausted by night's end. I don't need your jokes of how I am a cow, I am just a milk machine. blah blah blah.
Would you like it if I made fun of your single status? Of that you do not have any kids? No, because I am human. Or am I supposed to feel some sort of jealousy that you get to be able to go out and drink at night while poor me has to stay home with the kids. I would choose my kids over any night than being in an obnoxious club.
By the way, that one day last week that all the bosses decided to start doing a wine tasting at 4 because that was so important, you can bet that I took my sweet time to pump in the room and relax. That was my priority.