Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jack Moment

This Jack moment has been brought to you by Jack Morowczynski.

Nine months

Let's say that this marks the official countdown to his first birthday. And let me tell you that when Jack is thirty, I will still be writing in this blog about him. Although at that point we may have computer screens like the movie Minority Report and with the wave of our hands, we can write on the screen.

Alright, back to Jack business. 10.18.08 marked the official date that he started to crawl. Fowards. He is a bit apprehensive about it and starts to whine when he realizes that he has not gone as far as he would have liked to. Whining came into our lives. This is when we know that he is not happy with where he is at that moment. It sounds pretty cute. No words yet and should he be talking at this point? He said "Si" which is Yes in Spanish. At least it sounded like Si. I started to show him how to eat little baby puffs on his own. He still has seven teeth. Level 4 diapers. Great with people, great with babysitters. He doesn't really have any attachment issues which still makes it a bit easy for Brian and I to have a night out. Clothes - 12-18 months.Bedtime still at 8:30. And when he is sleeping in that bed, man does he look huge!!! There is no way that this 21 lb child is the same little sleepy head that we brought home on a cold winter day many months ago.

Jack's 10th month will bring his first Halloween, first taste of Fall, and the meeting of his blood brother and future best friend, Bridger Berg.

I say No and then he bites

Jack is always willing to see how far he can go with biting items; washing cloths, TV remotes, and our shoulders.

Yesterday, I was holding him cause I have not seen him all day and it was a long day of work. Perhaps I was squeezing him a bit too much but I had to. I just spent eight hours without him. So he starts to hug back, and it feels great, and then he bends his little head down and out come the Dracula fangs. Argghhhhhhh! He bit me and I said No. Not very sternly, but in a way that I want him to know that biting shoulders is not a good thing. So then he reaches for me and starts to bite me again. This time my "NO" came out a little harsher.

This is when Jack started to learn that NO is a bad thing. And NO is something that he does not like to hear.

Everytime I said no, he would reach for me and want to bite more. As if he was trying to say" Oh yeah? The more you say No, the more I will bite."

My final NO to him was a little too much for him to hear. His face scrunched up and he started to cry a bit. Then my heart broke in a million pieces and I thought "Oh my god, I have ruined my kid for life." But as soon as we got up, he forgot all about the crying.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Follow the spoon -September 25, 2008

When is he not sick?

I feel that Jack is sick almost every month. Well, not so but it feels that every month he has a new sniffle or runny nose. I fear that he has the cold gene that my dad has - when the tiniest bit of weather changes

So Jack has a runny nose and little fever. Good news is that he has no ear infection. He hasn't had one yet ( knock on wood) as I hear those things can be a bit scary.

The stinker part is that know Jack is old enough to know that if he doesn't want something , he will push you away. So when all the little snots are coming down ( little being said lightly) I try to wipe his nose and he hates it. He starts to grunt very loudly and turns red all over. While clenching his fists! He's almost 9 months. He shouldn't be showing such emotions like that should he? And of course, I say the typical Mom phrase of " Jack. Jack! Stay still! " While I try to wipe his nose, all the snots smear all over his face. Now I have more to clean up.

Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 2008 - 3:08 pm

This is from www.makemesuper.com . And yes, I know, I should get back to work.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

September 22

When Jack is at my parents place on the Mondays and Tuesdays, my dad likes to hold Jack by the window and explain to him the different types of cars that go by. This was a shot that Brian got when we were arriving to pick up the little guy. This actually looks like a paparrazzi shot. As if Jack hasn't been seen in public.....and there he is!!!!

Update - Seven teeth!

Two on the top, with two more growing on either side of the teeth, plus one more growing on the bottom. So, four on top, three on bottom. Can he eat real food now?
(this pic is an old one by the way. Notice the one top tooth)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Two on the top and two on the bottom, with one coming up on the bottom. Thank God I do not breastfeed anymore.

The thing with this teeth is that Jack is turning into quite the little T-rex. Everything has to be in his mouth, of course cause he is a baby, but when he places it in his mouth, he attacks them. His face scrunches up and he somewhat dives for his victim, AKA the stuffed animals he is putting in his mouth. I am trying to teach him to not be so ferocious by petting his toys and saying "Nice, Nice". All the time. It sometimes works and it sometimes doesn't. Today Jack bit my cheek so hard that I tried to shake him off and yell "That hurts Mommy! No No". He thought it was funny, giggled and tried to get me again. I like to think that he is so overcome with love that he can't take it and he just has to hug you, right now!