Monday, July 29, 2013

The Most Horrible Day At Work

I had the crappiest day at work. It started with a client stating that she never got my emails, yet she was responding back to an email I just sent her. Nice try lady.
I went to eat lunch at the park and that was a big mistake. I saw all these little kids running around with their friends, with their moms. I realized what an absent mom I am. Working. Coming home late. Never took them out to a park with friends. They have gone to a park with me before, but I don't even know what kind of friends my kids have. This made me feel like shit and was so lonesome for my little guys at that point.

I realized now is the time to win the lottery. Then I will have a chance to quit working. I'm young enough. I think I still have the energy to be with my kids and run around the park like those park moms do.

I went back to work to only get yelled at by two different people on the phone for two completely stupid reasons. Bullshit is what I thought when I was being reamed. This is effin Bullshit. The last call made me cry so hard that my shoulders shook. Then I got really pissed at that idiot lady for making me crumble on the phone. JERK. MEANWHILE, she's in a coffee shop making this call. I feel sorry for any barista that she comes across that doesn't make her mocha latte just right.

I thought of my sweet boys and how their lives from now on will forever be changed as having two parents who work full time. I have friends who had parents that worked separate shifts-daytime one parent, nighttime another parent. I thought how horrible that is and how lucky we have been to have had every night together as a family.

Now our lives are about to change dramatically and I still hate the fact that I work, or that money still matters for some reason. Why can't we live by the honor system? I promise to be a good tenant, then I can live for free right ? You don't really need money for rent right? Property taxes? Isn't that kind of outdated? For what do we work so hard for? Clothes, food. Again, all can be acquired through the bartering system. Let's bring that into fashion again!

I work to provide for my family, not to say that I saved the world by providing a great website. You, idiot lady. You are making me second guess the only good job that I have come a long time and I hate you for that. I guess if I can find something that makes me feel good about what I do, at the same time gives me enough money to feed my family and allows me to be with my family more than just the measly 58 hours a week, then I'll be good in life.
And to that ridiculous lady that made me cry today at work, I say this. I bet I can make a better arroz con pollo than you.

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