Thursday, August 29, 2013

The First Day Of School

This is Jack's friend - whose parents are really super great. At the same time, I was wondering on how they were keeping composed and I was about to burst into tears?

Jack and my husband. Right after this photo was taken, Jack turned around and realized he was about to walk into a huge school by himself. He made a pouty lip face and that was when I lost it. Thank God for sunglasses, as they hid my tears very well.

Jack and his grandma, who was nice to be with us to watch her first born grandson go to school.

This was the face that said "really? another picture? Why are my parents such photographers?"

The first day of kindergarten was  - uneventful. I say that because there was no running around trying to wake Jack up to go to school. No running to catch the last bell before the doors closed. In fact, the only highlight of the morning was that everyone woke up early and on time. Charlie woke up early, Jack did. it was just another morning, except this was the morning in which Jack was going to start his school career for 12 +years. School for the rest of your life Jack !  

Jack was great. He woke up early. Ate his breakfast and was in great spirits the whole morning. We walked to school and as we were approaching, Jack said " I'm not excited about school." Yikes. Alert! I told him in my most calm voice that he was going to be fine. Of course there were going to be jitters. His whole life was just playing, eating lunch and the occasional play dates and camp here and there. Now , he would be somewhere away from his parents every single day. I remember feeling a bit nervous when I went to school and I remember my Dad holding my hand right as he walked me up to the classroom. I wanted to do that with Jack but this school was just a leave em hanging at the door. The kids lined up and went into the school themselves. I felt that the goodbye was so rushed and cold at the dropoff. I didn't even get a chance to really give him a kiss goodbye. My husband said that it is like that here - there is no more hand holding. Really? He's only 5, why can't I hold and guide my child in anymore? My kid is starting a new life in which now his mom and dad can't nudge him all the time to pay attention when someone asks him a question. NOW HE REALLY HAS TO PAY ATTENTION. 
All in all, I think I only shed about 5 tears. Not bad for a really sentimental mom like myself.

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