Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Best Summer Weekend

Buster Bunny was going to make an appearance at the Miss Lori show, and then he realized that he was about to go out in a 95 degree summer day. I caught Buster waiting in the wings at the grocery store, catching his last breath of AC air before heading out to the scorching sun.

For free fun, take a chance and go to a Miss Lori's Campus show. It's a lady from PBS Kids that goes around from grocery stores to malls to the nearest Sprint store and will sing songs to kids about eating right, exercising and all that jazz. I wish that she would emphasize more on how to eat vegetables and would make the kids eat some right then and there. That would have been a good one for my oldest. 
We went to a "show" by our grocery store and they had stands of food and snacks. I was sold. I wasn't sold however that it was one of the hottest days of the summer and that she was dancing up a storm in dead heat. Miss Lori, you need to hurry up and show who the special PBS guest is so we can go back to the AC. Stat! 

The pic you see below is Miss Lori herself, with a little chap named Charlie who is in the midst of the big kids. Just standing there and watching her. Do you see him? Look closer!

On Sunday, we went to a photo exhibit showcasing work from the former Sun Times Photographers. We took the boys there and it was my intention for them to meet my mentor, photographer John H. White but to also look at different photographs and talk about what they see. 
What I didn't expect was a sea of photographers, in a cramped space, with no AC. On a really hot day. So much for showing them around, looking at each photograph and explaining to them on what a composition is. I was also going to explain to them that photography is in their blood and by nature it was a 50% chance that one of them will grow up to be one. Or just really really like photography. It was too hot for them to care, there were hardly any kids around and there were no snacks there. This was not a Miss Lori's campus.

This photo was taken in one of the cool spots of the gallery. These guys really didn't care that they were at a gallery show. They did care however that they were able to get some cookies and cake at Dinkel's bakery afterwards. My idea, of course.

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